Saturday, April 28, 2018

How to read battery health and original?

Most user upgraded to latest iOS 11.3 or newer.
Inside come with new feature which is about reading battery health.

It's normal if it doesn't show maximum capacity after replaced battery (Even from Apple Center). But if it is saying needed to service, then you having a battery problem.

If below 70% is consider very weak. Should replace it.

However, it's best to use third party PC app to read the capacity and how many times it been charged cycle. 

Photo above is Chinese app which i forgot switch to English. Sorry.

It show this iPhone been charged cycle 707 times.
56% is battery health.

1587 mAh is the current maximum battery capacity it can hold.
2855 mAh is original designed max capacity.

In new iOS battery health check, you can only see battery health percentage. And it's not so details as PC app.

You never know the battery you replace on it is how new and actual capacity. If "they" put high grade battery, you won't know with this BETA of iOS battery health check.
(A low grade battery won't show maximum capacity.)

So the best way for end user to check is to download third party PC app to read it.
We are using iTool.

Photo above is the original battery that we replaced.
Since the new battery hasn't been fully charge, so it's 0 times cycle.
Health 100% (Health will become 99% if charged to full once)

As you can see. The battery current condition can hold 2865 mAh. Slightly higher than original design 2855 mAh. 
(It's normal since battery is made by chemical. So it would be + - 5% from factory designed.)

A high quality grade A battery usually between 2300-2600 only. 

Note: Even you bought new iPhone that come out from box freshly, it might be just 99% health and capacity is slightly lower or higher 5%

Read here if you looking for higher capacity battery:
From what we found in market so far, those higher capacity battery is scam. I have so many customer cheated by those. 
Higher capacity battery won't exist for Apple iPhone. Because Apple lab spent so much money to design the whole iPhone with maximum battery space and life. Who can beat their own product? Unless that someone has special technology which is unique and created by billion cost lab. And they selling those to you at cheap price? 

Replace your battery today while it's still under Apple offer this year. We always have stock to replace it just within 15 minutes.