Friday, June 29, 2018

iPhone 7 Plus Touch ID Broken

Got an iPhone 7 Plus came in yesterday with problem below.
  • Home button not working
  • Touch ID failed
  • Long time booting up / Slow startup at Apple Logo.
By having those problem above.. we already knew the Home button itself is damaged or flex broken.

Indeed, as we expect. Customer replaced the LCD screen from some where else. After he replaced the screen, the button became not working and having those problem above.

We open up and check the home button flex. Yup. It's confirm broken.

Note: Phone 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, X, We CANNOT replace it with other button. Home button and Touch ID both won't work!  
If iPhone older iPhone, we still can replace the button, but you still will lost the Touch ID. 

So we must repair it back! No short-cut! 

This spot is very easily broken by amateur repairer who replace the screen. 

In Malaysia, Now i'm sure this job is very few people can do. But i can!

Our academy G-LON company invented this Home Button Repair Kit.

First step: We cut it nicely. (DO NOT OVER CUT)

2nd Step: We taped on a plate and prepare to peel off the protection layer.


Step 3: Slowly keep peeling off first layer and expose those all trace which we need to connect all.
Then apply the replacement kit on exactly top of it.

Done!! Careful install back everything. 

Seems easy?
It won't be easy if technician not have precise skill and experience. 
Send to our shop before someone permanent destroy it by failing attempt repair on this.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Dealers are welcome - iPhone 6 Backlight IC pads broken

Don't think we just only accept repairing from our own customers.

Dealers are always welcome. Even you are my competitor, we can repair those unpublic.
So if you are dealer or repairer, don't hesitate to contact us if you have any failed repair iPhone.

We repaired many people mistake.
One of the most common job to repair other people mistake are on following photos.

Backlight IC of iPhone 6. There should be 12 solder pads. Every pads is very important and cannot be missed. 

Backlight IC of iPhone 6 (U1502) is located at very near A8 CPU.
Tips: If you having display problem, never blame the IC first.

This case is usually happened on untrained technician. They were try to remove it by not using too high temp air which might damaged the CPU. But unluck happened for this guy.. when he pulled the IC up, the pads are gone and peeled off together with the IC. Because by using wrong temperature, the pads below are still not melted.

It is out of their league to repair it back. They googled and found us.
After I look at the damaged and told them no problem, piece of cake.

All the pads are rebuilt.
U1502 pads repaired.
Dealer collected it on the same day he sent in. 

As long don't cause deeper damaged, we can quote a fair price for dealer.
Even if you send in the iPhone which you think it's beyond this damaged. We STILL CAN repair it, but will be expensive since we might need to move CPU and memory into other board. It will be next topic which is consider Extreme iPhone Repair.