Wednesday, October 24, 2018

iPhone 7 Plus Audio / Sound problem

iPhone 7 and 7 Plus having audio or sound problem isn't rare.

When Audio IC is not working properly.
  • Unable to record voice
  • Other party can't hear you while calling
  • Phone is lagging and slow
  • No Sound
One of it or some of those.. or all symptoms above you got, it's consider LAST stage of audio "cancer".

In our iPhone repair community, we called it iPhone 7 Audio IC Disease. 

iPhone 7 Sound Problem
iOS 12 would show this message

Why it happened?
Short answer: Drop it too hard, or bend.. One of the pad below the Audio chipset is broken.

"Advise: DO NOT send to normal shop to repair this The audio ic is located behind Baseband and very near CPU. You don't want the dealer ended up to tell you now got another problem appear or totally became unable to POWER ON. 
Of so many case that i repaired their failed attempted job. They "accidentally" overheated the components around. They either caused the iPhone became No Service (Baseband shorted) or device became unable to power on (CPU shorted).

Ended up at higher cost repair and time wasted."
Today we got an iPhone 7 Plus had this issue.

Let's take off the IC and look closer with microscope

iphone 7 c12
99% of audio disease is because of this pad broken. Even it's not missing, we MUST still need to build new track for it. I saw a lot technician didn't rebuild this track and the customer keep coming back with same problem.

Technical term of this fix is "jumper".

This is very important line that would cause totally malfunction of audio or sound.

iPhone 7 Plus audio ic repair
So this is the fix that must apply before we put Audio IC back

iPhone 7 audio sound ic repair
We still can see the green PCB glue on that area after repaired. If this iPhone suffer another dropping damage again, it would still working fine. The screen should break first before this problem reoccur.

We will upload a YOUTUBE video in here about HOW TO REPAIR AUDIO DISEASE OF IPHONE 7 soon.