Friday, November 23, 2018

iPhone Battery Drain and Consumption Test

  • iPhone leaking power quick?
  • Consume or drain battery fast?
  • How to check logic board drain power problem?

Is there a way to check it? Yes.. that's our topic today.

If you have an iPhone that having drain or consumed battery power fast. The first thing you suspect is battery. Right?
But what if the problem still exist after you replaced a new battery?

Well, then you should send to us then we use some tools to check voltage leak.

Below method is how a PRO technician to do the diagnosis.
(We uploaded a Cantonese video into YouTube. English subtitle provided)  - YouTube Link

If you would like to read instead of watching video, then please continue to scroll down.

1. First step we unplug your battery and then plug into Power Supply to read how much your iPhone is drawing power from it.

2. We must slowly to turn the knob that giving power voltage into iPhone. By carefully watching the Meter so that we can know is the iPhone draining the power before we turn it on.  Slowly raise the voltage to 3.7 above which is battery level. 

It should be staying in ZERO and not drawing any power before we switch the iPhone ON. 

The left gauge is showing Amp unit. We set the reading to 1A. So it's 20ma leaking before we turn it on.
3. In this case, we found out this iPhone 5S is leaking power. Sure it's draining fast compare to normal iPhone. Even the owner switch it off, it is still consuming the battery fast.

Can it be fixed? Yes, we can. But that's not today topic.

4. If above case is not happening. Continue to check 2nd possibility by clicking BOOT UP TEST.
We need to press the Power Button once. Not to turn it on. Just once. If you holding it more than a sec then it will turn on. But if we press it once, it will do a self power boot up test. 

A normal iPhone would raise from 0 into 80mA then drop back into 0 position.
This is what we called Boot Up Test.

If the device passed the first test, then Boot-up-test can tells any major component or IC is drawing more power than usual. 

A charging IC problem can be easily found by this method. Another day topic too.

This is a digital power supply. Function is the same. It can be more accurate for some purpose.
As you can see the photo above, this iPhone 7 booting-test at 218ma which is very high and indicated there is IC or circuit leaking power. 

A full power running iPhone is 1A = 1000ma.
But it only require consuming 1A if the CPU is running at full speed. So far no app constantly running full speed. 1A full speed is just few seconds for loading. 

By the way, this iPhone boot-up test result started at 200ma. Means it's before power on or entering iOS, it's already consuming 200mA non-stop. I believe this iPhone 7 needs to charge twice in half day on normal use.

Can it be fixed? Sure if we repair it first hand, then it will be quick JOB which usually done within few hours. 

Why? Because we received countless of failed repair iPhone from other shop. They mess up a lot of things which they shouldn't touch. They changed things without proper training/educated and even not knowing how to diagnosis the board circuit.
Worst matter is the workmanship quality.. they usually done more damaging on the board. At the end, we repaired it with cost higher and longer time...