Saturday, July 14, 2018


Been busy this few weeks. No time to write repairing job..
A lot of iPhone 7 repaired done.
By the way.. back to topic which we notice here.

Our shop won't be open on 21 July 2018. Saturday.

Re-open and continue as usual on 22 July, Sunday.

Because our shop which inside of South City Plaza, they and TNB need to stop the power for one day to do maintenance.

Apology for inconvenience.

Friday, June 29, 2018

iPhone 7 Plus Touch ID Broken

Got an iPhone 7 Plus came in yesterday with problem below.
  • Home button not working
  • Touch ID failed
  • Long time booting up / Slow startup at Apple Logo.
By having those problem above.. we already knew the Home button itself is damaged or flex broken.

Indeed, as we expect. Customer replaced the LCD screen from some where else. After he replaced the screen, the button became not working and having those problem above.

We open up and check the home button flex. Yup. It's confirm broken.

Note: Phone 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, X, We CANNOT replace it with other button. Home button and Touch ID both won't work!  
If iPhone older iPhone, we still can replace the button, but you still will lost the Touch ID. 

So we must repair it back! No short-cut! 

This spot is very easily broken by amateur repairer who replace the screen. 

In Malaysia, Now i'm sure this job is very few people can do. But i can!

Our academy G-LON company invented this Home Button Repair Kit.

First step: We cut it nicely. (DO NOT OVER CUT)

2nd Step: We taped on a plate and prepare to peel off the protection layer.


Step 3: Slowly keep peeling off first layer and expose those all trace which we need to connect all.
Then apply the replacement kit on exactly top of it.

Done!! Careful install back everything. 

Seems easy?
It won't be easy if technician not have precise skill and experience. 
Send to our shop before someone permanent destroy it by failing attempt repair on this.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Dealers are welcome - iPhone 6 Backlight IC pads broken

Don't think we just only accept repairing from our own customers.

Dealers are always welcome. Even you are my competitor, we can repair those unpublic.
So if you are dealer or repairer, don't hesitate to contact us if you have any failed repair iPhone.

We repaired many people mistake.
One of the most common job to repair other people mistake are on following photos.

Backlight IC of iPhone 6. There should be 12 solder pads. Every pads is very important and cannot be missed. 

Backlight IC of iPhone 6 (U1502) is located at very near A8 CPU.
Tips: If you having display problem, never blame the IC first.

This case is usually happened on untrained technician. They were try to remove it by not using too high temp air which might damaged the CPU. But unluck happened for this guy.. when he pulled the IC up, the pads are gone and peeled off together with the IC. Because by using wrong temperature, the pads below are still not melted.

It is out of their league to repair it back. They googled and found us.
After I look at the damaged and told them no problem, piece of cake.

All the pads are rebuilt.
U1502 pads repaired.
Dealer collected it on the same day he sent in. 

As long don't cause deeper damaged, we can quote a fair price for dealer.
Even if you send in the iPhone which you think it's beyond this damaged. We STILL CAN repair it, but will be expensive since we might need to move CPU and memory into other board. It will be next topic which is consider Extreme iPhone Repair.

Saturday, May 26, 2018

iPhone 7 Error 4013 - Baseband problem

Today got an iPhone 7 is having restore failed show Error 4013 in iTunes.

Customer said before it was working but just no service (network). Then he sent to previous shop, the guy restored the software and it ended with error 4013. Then it stuck at Recovery mode.

Older iOS will display different iTunes logo and Cable.

By hearing the client said it was No Service. We already know it got network or signal issue.
it's famous problem for iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus. Same like iPhone 6 Plus touch disease.

This we called it  - iPhone 7 Baseband disease.

OK, for who googled about this issue and found this page. I'm going to share some tips here.
I'm telling you that do not restore your iPhone. It was never a software issue. Definitely is HARDWARE problem.

If you insist to restore it, then your iPhone will stuck in Recovery Mode. So what so bad about it? Can't gaming or use app? No!! The biggest problem is some shop they intend to swap your expensive part like camera with faulty one..  since your iPhone unable to enter iOS, how you going to check all the function..
Mostly they don't have the skill to do repair logicboard ic. So they swap those "plug and play stuff" and might charge you a diagnosis fee which they just only attempt software method that restore your device in iTunes. This type of repairer without skills usually gain more profit by doing monkey trick.

We are board repairer. Still seeing a lot of this kind of cases. The worse part is they created a failed mess up repair. Forcing us to repair their damaged and time wasted. Usually might cost more than original damaged. For example, sent to wrong shop and failed repair.

So i strongly suggest you to keep the iPhone in a status which can still turn on to test all function or features.

By the way.... we have few ways to check it before you conclude problem.

How to confirm it is Baseband problem:

  1. If you haven't restore yet, go to phone menu. Press *#06#. It will show your iPhone IMEI.
    Nothing appear after you press *#06#, then it's confirm you having Baseband problem.
  2. Try dial 112. Baseband problem will just show you call failed (it's emergency call number which must be able to call out in most country, even for a locked iPhone) 
  3.  Error 1 or -1 in iTunes restored failed. (Only iPhone 6, 6P and older models)
  4.  Error 4013 (iPhone 6S, 6SP, 7, 7SP) After fail restored, you still see iTunes logo in your iPhone. If it's no display and blank screen, then you having bigger problem which is out of today topic. 
Press *#06# then it show IMEI when the baseband CPU working

Let's talk about how to repair it and why did it happen.

First, i show you a photo on below. It's iPhone 7 which we removed the shield on top of the logicboard. We can see the Apple logo chipset with text A10. It's the main CPU of iPhone 7.

The red circle IC is Baseband CPU. (His job is to control all the signal or cellular network) He is the protagonist of today topic.
There are two type iPhone 7 / 7P.. One of it is using Qualcomm Baseband. The other one is Intel.
Both are famous chipset maker. Which one better? I can't say. But i do have a statistic know which one failed most.

Why the problem happened?
A: Usually is because you dropped it too hard.

WHY? My other iPhone don't have this kind of issue even if i drop it thousand of times
A: This i can tell you. It is the Design flaw.
Because the baseband IC is sitting middle of the logicboard. In very center. So when the iPhone7 fell hard on the floor, the long logicboard will get slightly bend on middle and return to position because PCB is a bit flexible. But..
By so many black glue bounding between the PCB and this IC, the joint of this IC will still get cracking or lost contact.

So how to fix it?
A: Most of the cases, it just needs reball the Baseband CPU with a better solder paste which is more durable than Apple. Some case might even need repair broken tracks between this IC to other line.
We don't know until we pull this BB CPU off.

To do this job, the technician himself MUST BE very skillful and experience. Master of heat control.
Why? Because CPU is SITTING next to it!! If you put too much heat, A10 CPU beside will be shorted or died. CPU's hundreds of solder balls will be messed up with underfilled black glue.

Reball done. Put all the capacitors and Inductor back. Then check surrounding with multi-meter.

After all the technical works done. We must need to restore again.

When the white bar is passed 50%. And iTunes doing second time of verifying iPhone restore. The problem is fixed.

YAY~ This is the message we love to see!! 

Tips: Always backup your data in iTunes. Even your iPhone has no problem.

Friday, May 18, 2018

iPhone 6 Touch ID Repaired

A customer came with an iPhone 6 which having Touch ID not working. But home key still works.
He already made appointment with me so that i could check and repair on same day.

Below are the steps how i teach my staff to repair.
As usual, must need to opened it and put under microscope to check.

  1. Check the home button flex. 
  2. Check the FPC connector for home button / Touch ID. (iPhone 6 is J2118)
    Measure the voltage by using multimeter.
    Other pins just measure resistance.

Flex is good, no broken..
BUT THERE IS A BURNT MARK under the home button.

Found the shorted capacitor. Need to replace it.
But better find out why... So continue to measure FPC connector which supply power to the Touch ID.

Found out 1.8 is over power.
Check the iPhone 6 schematic to find which ic is supplying the 1.8.
In diagram look for keywords PP1V8_MESA_CONN. Search where it leads.

Found it. It's U2100.
From the diagram you can see U2100 job is taking 3V and cutting down it's current to 1.8V and supply into FPC.
Mean this IC is not doing his job. Need to replace it too. (Some technician will just borrow a 1.8v from another spot and jumper to here. But i prefer teach my staff to repair it as original designed)

Replaced burnt capacitor on Home button flex and U2100 on PCB. Then Touch ID is resurrected.
By just using basic resource and schematic can do the job without problem.


Sunday, May 13, 2018

Old iPhone 4S Repair Board

Don't think we don't have provide repair for old iPhones.

Even you send us the oldest iPhone 2G (1st Gen)
We still can do it...

This time a customer sent in a iPhone 4S which failure attempted repair from other shop.

After a brief checked on it. Found out the previous repairer replaced the Power IC.
And the iPhone still unable to power on.

By looking carefully at the board, the other side of Power IC is CPU. This is very heat sensitive area. If an amateur technician try to replace the Power IC with incorrect temperature or method, it will cause CPU problem. CPU problem will cause iPhone unable to boot up.

A5 SD RAM cracked
There is a cracked line on top CPU. Usually it happened because of other side too hot and this side CPU bloated
This A5 is iPhone 4S CPU. Actually CPU was below this A5. The Apple logo with A5 part is SD RAM which sitting on CPU.
Means there is two layer for this IC. 

So the problem is this top of CPU cracked and bloated. 
All i need to do is replace the SD RAM.

Honestly to tell you that iPhone 4S doesn't worth to repair since Apple stop giving new iOS on it. Unless you have some important data need to recover.

Yes.. This customer do have important data must need to backup. We quote him RM 250 to repair. Market value of iPhone 4S is about RM350 - RM450. 
It's consider fair price to him and me (worth of my time)

So we remove the SDram from our working iPhone 4S then reball it. Left is the one reballed.

Ready to mount on top of CPU. 

Done. Lucky all the data still remain. 
Forgot take picture. But we care customer privacy so usually we don't take photo of inside.
Happy customer collected this iPhone on same day. :)

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Congratulation to new Malaysia

Yesterday vote result was huge success changing the very dark future into very bright. Tears in eyes.. i thought it's not possible..

They announced holidays for today and tomorrow. It's best stay home and avoid chaos too. Wait for smooth PM transition

We re-open as usual on Saturday! Cheers~~

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

9 May 2018 - GE-14

Tomorrow is election vote day! A lot of shops should be closed..

But we still OPEN!!  Because my home town is same place as our shop.
We might late to open our shop. Estimate 11am. We still need to vote! 

Saturday, April 28, 2018

How to read battery health and original?

Most user upgraded to latest iOS 11.3 or newer.
Inside come with new feature which is about reading battery health.

If your battery doesn't show maximum capacity, then you might have battery problem or either it's not original.

If below 70% is consider very weak. Should replace it.

However, it's best to use third party PC app to read the capacity and how many times it been charged cycle. 

Photo above is Chinese app which i forgot switch to English. Sorry.

It show this iPhone been charged cycle 707 times.
56% is battery health.

1587 mAh is the current maximum battery capacity it can hold.
2855 mAh is original designed max capacity.

In new iOS battery health check, you can only see battery health percentage. And it's not so details as PC app.

You never know the battery you replace on it is how new and actual capacity. If "they" put high grade battery, you won't know with this BETA of iOS battery health check.
(A low grade battery won't show maximum capacity.)

So the best way for end user to check is to download third party PC app to read it.
We are using iTool.

Photo above is the original battery that we replaced.
Since the new battery hasn't been fully charge, so it's 0 times cycle.
Health 100% (Health will become 99% if charged to full once)

As you can see. The battery current condition can hold 2865 mAh. Slightly higher than original design 2855 mAh. 
(It's normal since battery is made by chemical. So it would be + - 5% from factory designed.)

A high quality grade A battery usually between 2300-2600 only. 

Note: Even you bought new iPhone that come out from box freshly, it might be just 99% health and capacity is slightly lower or higher 5%

Read here if you looking for higher capacity battery:
From what we found in market so far, those higher capacity battery is scam. I have so many customer cheated by those. 
Higher capacity battery won't exist for Apple iPhone. Because Apple lab spent so much money to design the whole iPhone with maximum battery space and life. Who can beat their own product? Unless that someone has special technology which is unique and created by billion cost lab. And they selling those to you at cheap price? 

Replace your battery today while it's still under Apple offer this year. We always have stock to replace it just within 15 minutes.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

iPhone 8 Home button Touch ID cracked

Yesterday a customer asked iPhone 8 home button repair.

We been repaired many home button with Touch ID for older models. But none of those are cracked on surface. Most of them are ribbon flex broken, or either water damaged which still success repaired.

If your case is like photo at below...

iPhone 8 Home button cracked
Surface of button is still possible to repair if Touch ID not fail.
If unable to record new finger print, then you are unlucky. The sensor surface is completely damaged and now so far there is no way to repair it. (Apr 2018)
  • Touch ID surface cracked - Can record new finger print - Can repair.

  • Touch ID surface cracked - unable to record finger print - Can't repair

  • Touch ID flex broken - Can repair as long you keep the original

  • Home button not working and Touch ID works - Can repair

  • Home button works and Touch ID not - Can repair if it's original button.
*If iPhone 7 or iPhone 8 Home button has problem, the iphone usually take longer time to boot up. 

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

iPhone 5S Screen popping out

Many customers came here and asked how much to repair the screen.
This is consider very harmful to LCD screen..
The gap is getting wider day by day..

But we told them is not the screen problem. It's the battery bloated and pushing the screen out.
So by changing the battery, then the screen can be fit back.

There is some stickers on there. I believe he replaced it before..

Left old battery, right new battery

Lucky that LCD screen is working perfectly.

Closed the gap. This device can last another year again :)

Thursday, April 5, 2018

iPhone 6 Water Damaged Repair

You should read this before you send water damaged iPhone to repair..

In our shop, we will open up and look how serious the damaged then we tell customer how long time we need to clean and check.
Yes.. just check only. Then we quote a price BEFORE repair.

What to do if your iPhone get water damaged accidentally?

  1. Turn off the iPhone if it's still on
  2. Do not try to charge it. (You might create more damage to board components by charging it)
  3. Try to dry it. Hair dryer can do the job. Don't worry about the heat. Blow on behind housing. Not the screen. If blowing on top of screen, LCD might get damage if too hot.
  4. Try to turn it on after cool down from drying process. 
  5. Still no luck? Then you have to send it for repair. As soon as possible. 
  6. Can turn on and everything works fine? Advise send to our shop for proper clean that prevent further corrosion damage.
DO NOT PUT INTO RICE. IT DOESN'T HELP. Use whatever method to dry it instead of letting rice to absorb it.

Below the is case if you didn't do proper cleaning and not soon enough.

iPhone 6 water damaged metal shield

We will remove all the shield and expose all the ic / chipsets to clean it. With proper cleaning PCB alcohol and machine.

  • Most of amateur technician didn't remove the shield to clean, because they don't know how to remove the metal shield and put back. After they cleaned only the surface and manage to turn on, it might appear more problem later.
Owner didn't send to repair at once. Corrosion growing all over around important components. Blame the rice myth.

After took all the shield off, you can see how bad water can be done on the component. 

This was the job done by outside shop. They didn't remove the metal shield, so there was still corrosion around the Baseband PMU. This problem is causing No Service and Searching for network.

This iPhone 6 has been sent to other shop before our hand. Owner paid RM200 for them to repair the water damaged. It was working for few days, after that he got problem with network and sent back to them but they end up couldn't repair it. They didn't refund!!

We opened up and found out they haven't done cleaning properly. This damage we need to quote a Network ICs repair and cleaning service.

Display IC corrosion. Owner is lucky that this iPhone still displaying fine. Pretty sure it will fail later if i leave it alone.

We have to make sure no other problem appear later. Found out display IC was also got corrosion and it's on the way to hell. We better replace it to prevent display problem later. Need to charge display IC repair too.

This won't be end up expensive repair if send to right place at first. Usually IC repairing can be avoid if done a full cleaning. Of course need to repair as soon as p
ossible, don't miss the soonest timing.

iPhone water damaged and the it's still can turn on? Recommend to let us do the cleaning job for just RM80.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

iPhone 7 Plus Camera glass broken

iPhone 7 plus camera glass replacement
iPhone 7 Plus Camera glass replacement

We done a lot iPhone 7 Plus camera glass replacement..  but not many for iPhone 7. I guess it's design fault.

The part might be cheap. But workmanship we need to charge higher. Because we have to guarantee won't cause any damage in the process.

Story: One time there was a dealer nearby accidentally damaged the screen in the process, then he needs customer to pay for LCD screen in order the iPhone works again. They argued and ended up customer bring it to our shop repair.. 

Case like this won't happen in our shop. Usually we completed the job without damaging other function. But let say if we really accidentally damaged something, we pay for it, not customer. 

We need to go through all these parts. Make sure all screws put back exactly same spot. 

Before we process this kind of repair, we must test all the function. Make sure the iPhone all working correctly. Anything happen in the process, we need to bear the consequence.

iPhone 7 Plus camera glass repair
Done. Test all function again..