Battery Replacement Service

Every battery has a lifetime.
iPhone MUST replace the battery after two years or before getting serious problem.

Replace your battery if

  • Screen popping out (It's because battery bloated and keep pushing the screen outward)
  • Doesn't last half day or drain too fast
  • Shut down itself when power not too low 
  • Randomly restart (This we will check for you, we can put battery to test before changing)
  • Battery capacity (mAh) too low or cycled too many times
  • New iOS 11.3, Battery Health can tell you so.

NOTE: There's a chance that your iPhone battery might do permanent damage if too late.

You can check battery health in 11.3 iOS. 
We have tool to read your battery condition.  Or you can download an App to read some basic condition of your battery.
in Apple Store named "Battery Life"
Open the app and click Battery Details. There you can see wear level. Let say iPhone 7 is 2100mAh, a healthy battery should between 1800-2100. If less than that, it's weak. Because each cycle you charged the battery, it minus 1 mAh. 

You can also download "iTool" in PC (or ther iPhone tools app). Connect it into pc and open iTool click battery status. It can read how many times you charged so far and mAH. 

For more info - Visit topic of How-to-read-battery-health-and-original.html

We insist to use original battery only.

We ALWAYS check before changing.

Replace an iPhone battery is just only less than 15 minute. Click here for our shop location and contact detail.  

UPDATE on Jan 2018: APPLE IS OFFERING ORIGINAL BATTERY IPHONE FOR RM129.  Included GST and labor. Visit our shop for same offering.   OFFER END AT 31 DEC 2018

Keeping old batterys as trophy? no no.. 

iPhone 5 and 5S bloated battery are very common

iPad 2 Screen is popping out. Big gap..

iPad 2 Battery Bloated, Pushing screen outward
iPad One Battery Bloated, lucky that LCD screen survived
(Photo taken 2014)
iPhone 5 screen pushed out by bloated battery... 

3GS Logic Board damaged by battery
(Photo taken on 2012)
New battery and old battery
(Photo taken 2012)