Why i find you guys some repair are expensive?


Yes, we know. But you have to understand few points.
    • Original parts with 3 months warranty. (Ya, same line that every dealer said)
    • Refundable if same problem return or unable solve
    • Instant repair time with our trained technician without taking your device into another place.
    • We are in the shop that in the shopping mall. We pay rent with contract. So must open everyday to avoid penalty and won't run away. Not those meet up in McD to repair and no answer your call when you have complain.
    • Very professional. (Unlike the other that you saw on outside, most customer won't believe how many machine, tools and training we spent. Once you walk-in our shop, you will see a lot impressive repairing tools) Actually you are hiring pro to do the job.
    • We can repair what Apple Center couldn't.


      Why you guys are not Apple Store or Apple Service Center? Why should i send to you?


      First to let you know that Apple don't do the repair. They trained to read the script and tell you motherboard problem which can only replace a whole device. Won't bother repair one or two small parts at cheap cost.

      By replace whole device, so they can earn more and safely to provide you a full 3 months warranty without worrying other issue appear or some workmanship damaged. Don't care if it's small problem.

      What if your iPhone is damaged by water and unable to turn on to backup memory data?
      If you send to them, honestly they don't care and unable to backup. They will tell you it's impossible.

      If you send to us, we can either choose to fully repair it, or just repair few chipset ic that enough to turn it on for DATA RECOVERY or BACKUP. A lot of options we can provide for you because you are directly talking to a technician instead of "script reader" in the center.

      We are so transparent that let you know what steps we going to do and show you.

      If you send into Apple Center. They will just waste time sending few places, until a final HQ place to open your iPhone. They try those Plug and Play parts such as LCD, battery, if still can't power on, then nothing they can do since they just know swapping parts and don't know how to repair logic board, ic chipsets. They going to request a "new" same model to replace it. But your Memory Data will be lost for sure. And the device that replaced for you isn't completely new actually.

      It's a refurbished. Mean those damaged iPhone that repaired (plug n play parts) and change to new housing. Shortly you might find some random problem because those iPhone dropped too hard before that the board might has potential damaged.
      My working desk provide professional repair board ic, microsoldering, data recovery....


      How do i know your parts are original? How you get it? I been told Apple doesn't outsource the parts.


      Original can be know by many ways. Quality can tell it. If battery we can use app or specialist tool to read it's condition and quality.

      Apple is smart. Every parts come from different manufacture. At the end, it assembled in China. Most factory are also in China.
      China people are smart, they do know how to smuggle out the part and leak into market. One of method is factory QA worker rejecting those parts which are nothing wrong on it. Swap those out before sending into dispose department.

      Second way is obtain Apple ACMT and ACIT repair certification. Then you can order plug and play parts from them.

      We are in a part of a very big community of iPhone Repair. that's why we can be resourceful.


      How good are you? I been sent my iPhone few place before, they told me it can't be repair.


      Our shop is not alone. We have superb great support from China iPhone Repair Group. Multiple famous academy joined together. By having this mass of experience and knowledge (China iPhone market is huge, population is the reason. Always the first to encounter weird problem iPhone and solved before other country does)

      There are even more problems that Apple can't solve (most problem are design flaw). We already created a method or tool to fix it before they take action to recall those product.

      Other countries of iPhone repairers are going China to learn and join. Causing this group became global.

      Now 2018, The group expanding.. In Malaysia they hired me as teacher to teach foreigner repair iPhone logic board.

      Resourceful and PRO is the key. 

      G-LON - iPhone Repair Academy in GuangZhou
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      Famous iPhone Repairer
      Also my principle in Malaysia iPhone Repair Academy
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