24 March 2018

iPhone 7 Plus Screen replacement

All working fine except cracked on top

iPhone 7 Plus screen broken
Screen broken or glass cracked? Little cracked on ear speaker area

Done. Color, pixel and touch sensitive completely the same.

Good as new!

Just now we done one repair iPhone7 Plus screen and i just found out customer don't know much about screen repairing and why there are so many different price out there

In today topic we share to you all about screen repairing information. You are in right place if you are surveying option to repair/replace any model iPhone screen.

Before you repair the screen, then you should read this.

Two methods to repair iPhone screen in the market.

Method 1

Replace the whole LCD panel which come with glass and touch digitizer.
Very easy to repairer. By just using screw drivers to complete the job.

Usually you see outside dealer offering REPAIR WITHIN 30 MIN.  QUICK JOB.
This is their method to repair your screen.

but BEWARE, there are few option for LCD also.
I list down those keywords that Malaysia dealer usually say.

Original - Everything color, touch sensitive, glass material which is gorilla glass that hard to scratch.

OEM - This is very confusing me, since OEM stand for Original Equipment Manufacture. Mean it's still original. But i don't know since when, the Malaysia dealers saying OEM parts mean high quality, not ori. In computer world, OEM mean parts ori that without box, not sell in a good packing box or not mean for sell at retails.

So i would add another.

OEM Grade A - A very high quality compatible part that can match up with OEM. But in our Shop, OEM parts we sell are still Original Parts but it's been refurbished, renew, recondition. LCD and tocuh still the same, but glass been replaced or polished as new. 

NOT ORIGINAL - A low quality compatible screen made by unknown manufacture. Touch sensitive is effected (Very noticeable if you gaming with iPhone). Pixel should be the same in recently 2018. Color is slightly darker or brightness not so great as original.
Also is the most problematic one.
Might burn your display IC, end up no matter what LCD you put in, it won't display anything, just blank, and computer still can detect or phone still can ring. (If you have this issue, send to us)

SECOND HAND - Used parts that disassembled from other iPhone.

Method 2

Replace the glass only.
Cheaper than replacing an original LCD.
But only can do this if your LCD display still ok and the touch no problem.

LCD and touch sensitive will not be effected since the glass is outer layer which can be separate cut by special machine. Next step clean all glue and pieces, then apply the glass by another machine. Last step is put into a machine that vacuum out the air bubble that still stuck between glass and LCD.

This is very time consuming that estimate work 2 to 3 hours between. If the dealer said 30 min or less, i'm sure he replaces the whole LCD. Why not use your own lcd if it's still fine? LCD also have life time, be sure using your own one.
(By the way, in 2019 we DON'T do glass replacement anymore)

iPhone 7 Plus display issue
If display got problem, can't do glass change. Need replace the LCD 

Why not put the tools out front? Unless they don't have the skill or machine.