20 March 2018

iPhone SE From Pahang Customer

Got a call on Sunday noon. He asked for urgent repair of his iPhone SE. He came from very far and needs to go back. Expect me to repair his iPhone SE which been sent into Apple Center and failed to repair.

This Customer said: My iPhone suddenly off and unable to turn on. Never drop it or water damaged. Been sent to Apple Center, they told me is logicboard problem. They can only offer me a replacement of whole device, but i need my data! Hope you can save my data. I don't care about the god damn warranty.
And i been to few repair shop, they tried with new battery and still the same. 

Recently keep taking a lot iPhone 5 SE repair. Most of them are are logic board problem which is shorted itself with no reason. I can't say is design fault, it's more likely component not lasting or quality issue.

Ok, should be easy job. Let's start. 

A proper way to check is
  1. Unplug the battery, connect the iPhone into Adjustable Power Supply. 
  2. Prepare to read how much power the iPhone is drawing from power supply. Just look at Amp meter.
  3. Slowly raise the voltage.
    In normal working condition of iPhone SE, when we adding the voltage, the Amp meter should not having motion that showing the iPhone is drawing power. Since we didn't press turn on, it should stay 0.
    Proceed to step 4 if OK
  4. Stop at 3.7 - 4.0v which is battery level. Finally, press one time at the power button to see how it reacted by reading Power Supply Amp Meter.
    Press one time for self check. Normal condition : 0-100mA then drop back to 0.
    If Ok, then Hold 2 sec longer to turn on. 
So now you know only the amateur put in new battery to check your iPhone.

We just don't simple put on new battery and try turn it on. It might do more harm if something is shorted inside. Power Supply is the most basic repair tool needed.

Shorted.. IC or capacitor? let's hunt.
Confirm something shorted.
  1. Test his LCD screen with our working iPhone. Make sure it's working and no more add up price after we done repair the logicboard. 
  2. Quote an exact price and how long time we need to repair it. (In this case, i told him one hour)

UMT board, oh shit...
This iPhone SE everything in so new condition. No scratch, no dent mark, no trace of water damaged.
Hopefully it's not the board inside copper layer problem. I wonder who was the manufacture of this iPhone SE.
UMT, uh oh...  Why it's so bad? I'm not telling the story today. :p

Put some dry flux powder, connect Power Supply and turn. Found you!

30 minutes later, customer return with drinks to watch our repair process. Voila, he is surprise that we already done repair and testing all function by calling his phone.