28 April 2018

How to check battery health and original?

Most users upgraded to latest iOS 11.3 or newer.
Inside come with new feature about battery health.

It's normal if it doesn't show maximum capacity after replaced battery (Even from Apple Center). But if it is saying needed to service, then you might having battery problem.

If health below 80% is consider very weak. Should replace it.

Charge twice a day is consider weak too.

However, today topic is "How to check battery true capacity and genuine"

The best way is to use PC program read the "real" capacity and how many charged cycle, genuine battery or fake.

It's called 3uTools 

In new iOS battery health check, you can only see battery health percentage. Surely it's NOT so details and accurate as PC program to check.

By using this 3uTools, we can even know is your battery been replaced before, and battery production date and Serial Number.

If you didn't use PC to read it, you never know the battery you replaced is new and genuine or not. 
If "they" put high grade battery, you never know with this iOS battery health check.

I highly recommend you to download 3uTools to read it.
It comes with a "Full diagnosis" that can even tell you the camera original, iPhone production date, refurbish unit and other more parts to verify it's 

Photo above is the original battery that we replaced.
Since the new battery hasn't been fully charge, so it's 0 times cycle.
Health 100% (Health will become 99% if charged to full once)

As you can see. The battery current condition can hold 2865 mAh. Slightly higher than original design 2855 mAh. 
(It's normal since battery is made by chemical. So it would be + - 5% from factory designed.)

A high quality grade A battery usually between 2300-2600 only. 

Even you bought new iPhone, it might be just 99% health and capacity is slightly lower or higher 5%

Read here if you looking for higher capacity battery:
So far until now, those higher capacity batteries are scam. I have so many customers get cheated.
Higher capacity battery won't exist for Apple iPhone. Because Apple lab had spent so much money to design the iPhone with maximum battery performance. Who can beat their product? Unless that someone has special technology and they selling those to you at cheap price?
More info in iPhone High Capacity Battery - Review  

17 April 2018

iPhone 8 Home button Touch ID cracked

Yesterday a customer asked iPhone 8 home button repair.

We been successfully repaired many home button with Touch ID for older models. But none of those are cracked on surface. Most of them are ribbon flex broken, or either water damaged which still able to repaired.

If your case is like photo at below...

iPhone 8 Home button cracked
Surface of button cracked like that, we can't repair. 
As long it's original button and surface OK, we can repair it. 
  • Touch ID surface cracked - Can't repair, sorry
  • Touch ID flex broken - Can repair as long as you have the original button

  • Home button not working and Touch ID works - Can repair

  • Home button works and Touch ID not - Can repair if it's original button.
*If iPhone 7 or iPhone 8 Home button has problem, the iphone usually take longer time to boot up. 

11 April 2018

iPhone 5S Screen popping out

Many customers came here and asked how much to repair the screen.
This is consider very harmful to LCD screen..
The gap is getting wider day by day..

But we told them is not the screen problem. It's the battery bloated and pushing the screen out.
So by changing the battery, then the screen can be fit back.

There is some stickers on there. I believe he replaced it before..

Left old battery, right new battery

Lucky that LCD screen is working perfectly.

Closed the gap. This device can last another year again :)

05 April 2018

iPhone 6 Water Damaged Repair

You should read this before you send water damaged iPhone to repair..

In our shop, we will open up and look how serious the damaged then we tell customer how long time we need to clean and check.
Yes.. just check only. Then we quote a price BEFORE repair.

What to do if your iPhone get water damaged accidentally?

  1. Turn off the iPhone if it's still on
  2. Do not try to charge it. (You might create more damage to board components by charging it)
  3. Try to dry it. Hair dryer can do the job. Don't worry about the heat. Blow on behind housing. Not the screen. If blowing on top of screen, LCD might get damage if too hot.
  4. Try to turn it on after cool down from drying process. 
  5. Still no luck? Then you have to send it for repair. As soon as possible. 
  6. Can turn on and everything works fine? Advise send to our shop for proper clean that prevent further corrosion damage.
DO NOT PUT INTO RICE. IT DOESN'T HELP. Use whatever method to dry it instead of letting rice to absorb it.

Below the is case if you didn't do proper cleaning and not soon enough.

iPhone 6 water damaged metal shield

We will remove all the shield and expose all the ic / chipsets to clean it. With proper cleaning PCB alcohol and machine.

  • Most of amateur technician didn't remove the shield to clean, because they don't know how to remove the metal shield and put back. After they cleaned only the surface and manage to turn on, it might appear more problem later.
Owner didn't send to repair at once. Corrosion growing all over around important components. Blame the rice myth.

After took all the shield off, you can see how bad water can be done on the component. 

This was the job done by outside shop. They didn't remove the metal shield, so there was still corrosion around the Baseband PMU. This problem is causing No Service and Searching for network.

This iPhone 6 has been sent to other shop before our hand. Owner paid RM200 for them to repair the water damaged. It was working for few days, after that he got problem with network and sent back to them but they end up couldn't repair it. They didn't refund!!

We opened up and found out they haven't done cleaning properly. This damage we need to quote a Network ICs repair and cleaning service.

Display IC corrosion. Owner is lucky that this iPhone still displaying fine. Pretty sure it will fail later if i leave it alone.

We have to make sure no other problem appear later. Found out display IC was also got corrosion and it's on the way to hell. We better replace it to prevent display problem later. Need to charge display IC repair too.

This won't be end up expensive repair if send to right place at first. Usually IC repairing can be avoid if done a full cleaning. Of course need to repair as soon as p
ossible, don't miss the soonest timing.

iPhone water damaged and the it's still can turn on? Recommend to let us do the cleaning job for just RM80.

03 April 2018

iPhone 7 Plus Camera glass broken repair

iPhone 7 plus camera glass replacement
iPhone 7 Plus Camera glass replacement

We have done a lot of iPhone 7 Plus camera glass replacement..  but not many for iPhone 7. Because of a single camera and dual camera design issue.  Plus model is a bigger glass.

The part might be cheap. But workmanship we need to charge higher. Because we have to guarantee won't cause any damage in the process.

Story: One time there was a dealer nearby accidentally damaged the screen in the process, then he needs the customer to pay for an LCD screen in order the iPhone works again. They argued and ended up customer bring it to our shop repair. 

A case like this won't happen in our shop. Usually, we completed the job without damaging other functions. But let say if we really accidentally damaged something, we pay for it, not the customer. 

iPhone camera glass replacement
Changing the glass requires us to remove all these parts. Yes, we need to clean from inside. Clean and make sure no shattered glasses inside. 

This is why before we repair it, we must test all the functions in front of you. Make sure it's all working correctly. before we proceed. Anything happens in the process, we need to bear the consequence.

iPhone 7 Plus camera glass repair


Q: How much for iPhone glass replacement?
A: RM 70 to RM 15
0, depends on what model of iPhone.

Q: Do you put the water-resistance back on it?
A: Yes.

Q: How long to fix it?
A: Estimate about 1 to 2 hours between. We need this long because we doing it very carefully. We even use a microscope to do micro cleaning.

02 April 2018

Bunch of iPhone 6S error 6

In this one week, we already got four case of iPhone 6S that having error 6 restore failed in iTunes.

the other two are repaired and collected.. 

Four 6S customers have one thing in common. They didn't buy from Apple Store. Two refurbished by Apple, other two are third party with Grade A housing.

Two of them are not bought as new. It's refurbished by third party. Housing is not original. HDD been upgraded from 16GB to 64GB.
I suspect it's the new iOS update killed their nand HDD. Because some people their upgrade method are missing something and wasn't complete. Now the new IOS 11.3 or 11.2.x will verify few more things and  then block these suspicious iPhone. But we still able to repair it and avoid the same problem again.

Other two, their 6S been failed to repair before. Then send to our place. Lot of missing parts, some screws, wifi and gps antenna, lcd metal cover, even LCD is not working.
So this two end up with very expensive price to repair.
This two 6S suffer heavy drop damaged before. Problem only appear when he upgrade iOS.

iPhone 6s restore error 6 nand
When the problem started, it's just having Apple logo reboot loop. When try to restore, it will failed like this. Error 6. Then every time turn on, Apple logo then blank and stuck into DFU mode.
If you having this problem, be sure send into right place for repair. Amateur only causing more damage on it.