02 April 2018

Bunch of iPhone 6S error 6

In this one week, we already got four case of iPhone 6S that having error 6 restore failed in iTunes.

the other two are repaired and collected.. 

Four 6S customers have one thing in common. They didn't buy from Apple Store. Two refurbished by Apple, other two are third party with Grade A housing.

Two of them are not bought as new. It's refurbished by third party. Housing is not original. HDD been upgraded from 16GB to 64GB.
I suspect it's the new iOS update killed their nand HDD. Because some people their upgrade method are missing something and wasn't complete. Now the new IOS 11.3 or 11.2.x will verify few more things and  then block these suspicious iPhone. But we still able to repair it and avoid the same problem again.

Other two, their 6S been failed to repair before. Then send to our place. Lot of missing parts, some screws, wifi and gps antenna, lcd metal cover, even LCD is not working.
So this two end up with very expensive price to repair.
This two 6S suffer heavy drop damaged before. Problem only appear when he upgrade iOS.

iPhone 6s restore error 6 nand
When the problem started, it's just having Apple logo reboot loop. When try to restore, it will failed like this. Error 6. Then every time turn on, Apple logo then blank and stuck into DFU mode.
If you having this problem, be sure send into right place for repair. Amateur only causing more damage on it.