03 April 2018

iPhone 7 Plus Camera glass broken

iPhone 7 plus camera glass replacement
iPhone 7 Plus Camera glass replacement

We done a lot iPhone 7 Plus camera glass replacement..  but not many for iPhone 7. I guess it's design fault.

The part might be cheap. But workmanship we need to charge higher. Because we have to guarantee won't cause any damage in the process.

Story: One time there was a dealer nearby accidentally damaged the screen in the process, then he needs customer to pay for LCD screen in order the iPhone works again. They argued and ended up customer bring it to our shop repair.. 

Case like this won't happen in our shop. Usually we completed the job without damaging other function. But let say if we really accidentally damaged something, we pay for it, not customer. 

We need to go through all these parts. Make sure all screws put back exactly same spot. 

Before we process this kind of repair, we must test all the function. Make sure the iPhone all working correctly. Anything happen in the process, we need to bear the consequence.

iPhone 7 Plus camera glass repair
Done. Test all function again..