12 June 2018

Dealers are welcome - iPhone 6 Backlight IC pads broken

Don't think we just only accept end user or customer.

Dealers are welcome too. Even you are my competitor, we can repair those in private.
So if you are dealer or repairer, you can send to us if you have any failed repaired iPhone.

We repaired many dealers's mistake.
One of the most common job to repair other people mistake are on following photos.

Backlight IC of iPhone 6. There should be 12 solder pads. Every pads is very important and cannot be missing. 

Backlight IC of iPhone 6 (U1502) is located at very near A8 CPU.
Tips: If you having display problem, don't suspect the IC first.

This case is usually happened on untrained technician. They were try to remove it by not using too hot which might damaged the CPU. But unlucky happened for this guy.. when he pulled the IC up, the pads are gone with the IC. Because by using wrong temperature, the pads below are not melted yet..

It is out of their league to repair it back. They googled and found us.
After I look at the damaged and told them no problem, piece of cake.

All the pads are rebuilt.
U1502 pads repaired.
Dealer collected it on the same day he sent in. 

As long don't cause more damage, we can quote a fair price for dealer.
Even if you send in the iPhone which you think it's beyond repair. We STILL CAN repair it, but will be expensive because last solution is we transplant the CPU and memory into new board.