24 July 2018

iPhone 7 Error 56 - NFC Problem (A10 CPU repair)

Few iPhone 7 and 7 Plus came in last week.
Customer said the iPhone was working fine before, but problem appear when he tried to restore/update in iTunes. The iTunes is showing Error 56 and the iPhone stuck in Recovery Mode.
No matter how many times restore or use third part program to restore it, it's still the same.

Restore progress bar stop at there..

Error 56 
According our PRO level training, iPhone 6S and 7 that showing error 56 is NFC chipset ic issue.
Without proper training and Apple high level technical support, you only know what google tell you.

NOTE for people who lazy to search google: NFC stands for “Near Field Communication”.
One of type Short-range wireless connectivityApple Pay that working like Smart Tag or Visa Wave.

By the way, before we quote a price, we need customer to leave the iPhone check for one or two days.

Why take so long?
Because by experience we know it won't be so simple job that just to replace the IC and then problem solved. Normally this kind of IC won't fail itself..  So we need to take our time to check the board carefully.

First we take out the board. Measure the lines between the power to NFC IC.  Job will be more complicated if all Voltage are correct and nothing short.

After we found nothing wrong then continue to remove this IC and measure all the pads below. 

See the Red Dots? Mean that dot at NFC is connected to front of board that under the CPU.

OMG !! Two of the NFC pads which directly goes into CPU. B1 and C1 legs has no connection into CPU.
So the price we quote customer will be high since this is the job is involving the CPU.

If customer OK then we proceed to remove the CPU.

CPU job must be expensive.
You see the big A10? It's the CPU, it's big enough and might create other problem if something around it goes wrong.
Because we will bear ANY other problem that happened after we rebuilt the CPU. 

This kind of motherboard repair is PRO level. So far now in Malaysia, you won't see our kind of expert people around in handphone shop or shopping center. that including Low Yat Plaza.

Checked the tracks between NFC and CPU. It's OK. Means by only reball / rebuild the CPU then will be OK.

A10 CPU re-balled done.
DO NOT send to person who doesn't seems to know how to repair. Any amateur try to practice repair the CPU usually end up totally death. 

Job done!! 
So even you know what is the error problem, you never know what we going through to complete the repair. Sometime it's easy, sometime it's NOT.