13 August 2018

iPhone 7 Upgrade Storage Capacity

Many people didn't know that their iPhone storage can be upgraded. Apple shop sure tells you it's not possible.

Of course they can't. They are just re-seller. The more you buy the whole product, the more they earn. So their policy won't bother doing a small repair or small parts changing. They just know follow the script and tell you to pay more.

We CAN do it!
Just today we done upgrade an iPhone 7 32GB to 128GB.
  • No need to replace whole device. 
  • No need to replace motherboard.
Only a professional can do it without a problem. Be sure they guarantee the result.

  • Guarantee the iPhone won't be brick.
  • Can update the iOS as a normal iPhone.
  • Upgrade within few hours, same day collection.

As you can see, not only memory expanded. The Model code actually from other country and we can also change to MY (Malaysia)

Want to upgrade your storage capacity? No problem! 

  1. Let us know what model of your iPhone or iPad we reply you with the price and the option of capacity.
  2. Make an appointment with us then we can do it in a few hours or less. Same day collection!
  3. Backup your data into the computer first. The iPhone will need to Format/Restore after we done it.
LINK: Memory Upgrade Price List