21 September 2018

Data Recovery from dead iPhone 7

Apple Center can't do logic board/motherboard repair.
They offered a replacement unit but you will lose all the data memory.
What if your iPhone has important data that need to be saved?

Well. It's one of my specialists - solve the problem that Apple couldn't. 

Have you seen this before?
Question: What's the trick?
Answer: It's simple. Because I can repair whatever the ic/component on the board that is damaged. 

Question: But I was told the board is a very broken condition. They said it's not possible.
Answer: Yes if they don't have the right tool and the skills. I can say they don't even know there are people like me is exist.
By the way, even the motherboard is broken into a few pieces. My last solution is to move your memory ic chip into a new board --- I called it a transplanting job. 

Question: What're the charges? 
Answer: Cost is sure cheaper than Apple Center. The price range is very rough if I can't look at it. You need to send the device to my workshop and my team will open up to see how bad inside.

Let say in 2020, iPhone 7 motherboard repair is about RM200 to RM500 max.

We still can recover the data even it's from serious water damaged or rusty condition.

iPhone 7 suddenly motherboard dead?

The video below is about the iPhone 7 motherboard repair. The client said it becomes dead. Unable to power on, unable to charge, USB not detecting. No heavy drop or water damaged. 
Apple Centre said it's a logic board problem and they can't do anything.