13 September 2018

Unlock SIM / Carrier

We can unlock the network / SIM / carried locked iPhone that came from other countries. After unlocked so that you can use any SIM card / Network carrier.

Any iPhone. Included iPhone XS Max. Any iOS. 

iPhone 6 / 6P - RM 150
iPhone 6S / 6SP - RM 200
iPhone 7 / 7SP - RM 250
iPhone 8 / 8P - RM 350
iPhone X - RM 400

No turbo SIM or R-SIM needed to use the SIM.
No hardware modification.

Below first video is before we unlock.

Second video is the same iPhone we unlocked.

I know some student or traveler bought their low price iPhone at oversea and then found out unable to use Malaysia sim cards.  Now you know that we can unlock it. :)