24 October 2018

iPhone 7 Plus Audio / Sound problem

iPhone 7 and 7 Plus having audio or sound problem isn't rare.

When Audio IC is not working properly.Symptoms:

  • Unable to record voice in voice memo (No audio devices found or freeze)
  • Other parties can't hear you when calling
  • Very slow boot-up Apple Logo
  • Loudspeaker button is grey in calling mode
  • Video record got problem
  • You still have ringtone and sounds
If you have some symptoms above, it's confirmed you have an audio IC problem.LINK: iPhone 7 Audio IC Repair Cost

In the iPhone repair community, we called it iPhone 7 Audio IC Disease.

iPhone 7 Sound Problem
Go to VOICE MEMO and click record
iOS 12 would show this message - Recording Failed. No Audio Device Found.
It would just freeze there and won't start recording

We made a video and how to repair this issue. 

Why it happened?

Because you drop it too hard or bend it. One of the audio IC solder joints is broken.
Not entirely your fault. It's the design issue and they didn't expect it. Don't worry, it can be fixed permanently by a professional micro-soldering technician.


DO NOT send to normal shop repair this issue. The audio ic is located behind the Baseband and CPU. You don't want they brick your iPhone.
So many cases that I repaired their failed attempted job. They "accidentally" overheated the components around. They either caused the iPhone became No Service (Baseband shorted) or unable to power on (CPU shorted).

Ended up with a higher cost to repair and time wasted.

How do I know they are professional? 

Easy to know if they are able to provide the repair in a few conditions below:
  1. Repair on the same day. 1-3 hours between. (Too fast is not good, because they won't bother cleaning, put back the shield and water-resistance seals, blah blah)
  2. Warranty period is long (we provide one year warranty)
  3. If the device is dead by their hand, they replace the motherboard or repair it fully without need you to pay more.

iPhone 7 / 7 Plus Audio IC repair

This photo is an iPhone 7 Plus. The smaller iPhone 7 also has the same flaw.

Let's take off the IC and look closer with a microscope

iphone 7 c12
99% of audio disease is because of this pad broken. Even it's not missing, we MUST still need to rebuild a new track for it. I saw a lot of technicians didn't rebuild this track and the customer keep coming back with the same problem.

The technical term of this method is called "jumper".

Jumper it to the Resistor R1103

This is a very important line that would cause the malfunction of the audio codec totally.
It controls the microphone and sound codec. You still have ringtone working but no sound when calling.

iPhone 7 Plus audio ic repair
So this is the fix that must be applied before we put Audio IC back

iPhone 7 audio sound ic repair
We still can see the green PCB glue in that area after repair.
If this iPhone suffers another serious fall damage again, it would still be working fine.
The screen should be broken first before this problem reoccurs again.

This solution is a permanent fix method. We'll cover this problem for 1 year if it happens again.

"Having the tools to repair doesn't mean also having
precise surgical skill and experience.

It can be done in 2 to 3 hours between.
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19 October 2018

iPhone 6 Error 9

Countless people asking me how much is the motherboard..

"Apple center told me my motherboard is spoiled, it's beyond repair. Need pay them Rm12xx to replace whole device. Ridiculous!"

Before you buy the motherboard.. Please send the device to my shop and i check for you is it can be repairable.

90% of motherboard problem are can be repaired. 

Example: A motherboard is RM 650. Motherboard repair price between RM 200 to RM 400. A second hand of  whole iPhone is RM 750.

We always quote you a fair price that lower than a board replacement... and much hell cheaper than Apple Center offer you device replacement at ridiculous price!!

"By the way, technically it's called Logic Board. Not motherboard. Motherboard is in the PC which you can plug in third party hardware. Logic Board on other hand, you cannot. Plug in their designed hardware only."

So today topic is iPhone 6 that is stuck in Recovery Mode. It failed to restore and show Error 9 in iTunes. Customer been to some shops telling them same story that it can't be repair.

Let me show you how is the professional repair it.... in my shop, of course.

iPhone 6 Stuck at Recovery Mode. Most end user like to say Cable Mode or iTunes Logo Mode

Restore failed. A code appear. it's Error 9. 

No matter how many PC or Mac you use to restore it.. it ended up with same error.

Error 9 is indicated NAND or NAND circuit failure.  NAND is the memory chip. Some people like to say HDD or Hard Disk. But in Apple schematic, they called it NAND.

We notice first bad news is "all the memory data inside" probably gone. Especially customer attempted to restore it and it failed.

Put in our board onto his device to TEST every parts such as  LCD, camera, buttons, battery, ports....
You don't want after we repaired the board and turn on found another problem then paying more.. Right?

Then call customer and quote him a price after we inspect the board damaged under the MICROSCOPE.

That's how professional checking procedure. Not Genius Bar that just telling you the Logicboard is spoiled and you pay whole device price. They don't even know what's wrong is the logicboard and which chipset or what circuit failed. They sure didn't check every parts of the device.
Wasted your time.

Apple trained them nothing in repairing except follow procedure of reading script to tell you what to pay.
Want more similar story? here is the Youtube link - Genius Bar caught ripping customer

Back to topic..

I found the NAND is the only issue instead of CPU. So by replace it can solve the problem.

Obviously this iPhone housing and LCD changed at other place before..
iPhone NAND tool
We use special tool that can read/write NAND. This tool is not cheap. Cost one thousand above and it just only works for specific models. Not every iPhone.  
Tried to read the old NAND and it failed. So we put in new NAND to reprogram Serial Number, Address...
The iPhone won't be able to activate if we don't do this. Activate process is needed go through Apple Server and they will verify the device Serial Number, Wifi and Bluetooth address.

We also need to purchase the INFO of this device to reprogram it. It might take days to wait from server provide us the report of this iPhone.

I must need to blackmarked all the infomation.. Who knows Apple might saw this and blacklist this iphone from server.. So the user might ended up unable to activate or network blocked. 
Once re-program done. Soldered the NAND back on the logicboard.

Voila~ Done!

 Bonjour ~

All this kind of works require real professional repairer and tools. Special training already cost more than 20k. Tools cost above 20k and still need purchase tools for coming iPhone..

That is why it's not available at Face 2 Face or whatever Food Truck and Van on-site service. Those are DIY repairer. Plug and play stuff only..

Visit real professional to do the board repair directly. Not pass over to some guy and wait for weeks.

06 October 2018

Memory Storage Upgrade Service

This 16 GB iPhone is going to upgrade

Do you still have 16 GB iPhone?
You can consider upgrading your memory without buying a new iPhone...

Today we have done another iPhone 6 Plus... I really can't imagine how 16GB is torturing the user.
Glad this customer upgrades it to 128 GB in our shop.

Check for Upgrade cost and FAQs

Done!! Upgraded to 128GB and  updated to iOS 12

                          iPhone Storage upgraded compilation video


iPhone upgrade memory to 512GB
We can upgrade to 512 GB too!!
There is a saying in China... an iPhone 16 GB is just a beggar version of iPhone.
         乞丐版 iPhone vs. 豪华版 iPhone (Beggar iPhone vs. Luxury iPhone)
Cheap iPhone = Low memory storage iPhone 

Upgrade memory price list of 3rd Quarter 2020

Available for iPhone 6, 6 Plus, SE, 6S, 6S Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, X, XR, XS, XS Max.
  • 32GB RM 180
  • 64GB RM 280
  • 128GB RM380
  • 256GB RM430
  • 512GB RM500
*iPhone 6 and 6 Plus get discount RM 30*


Question: After upgraded the storage, can I still update the iOS?
Answer: Yes, it can. From iPhone 5 to iPhone X, so far none have a problem. Apple doesn't check or care the capacity of your device. But their server will check the Serial Number, IMEI to make sure it's their product.

Question: What if my device got a problem later?
Answer: There will be one month warranty for it. But the warranty doesn't cover problem like the LCD screen, buttons or camera.

Question: If you so confident it won't get any problem, then why don't you provide more extended time warranty?
Answer: Because we never know how the user uses their iPhone. Not confident in how they take care of their iPhone. They can even kill the iPhone with the wrong charger also.  That's why we will check all function and inspect the board first so we can eliminate potential problem too.

Question: Do you have a price listed on the web site?
Answer: Yes, It's on this page. By the way, the price is up and down floating according to the market. Just like the computer HDD, their rate is also not fixed. Sometimes go up or down.

Question: How long does it take?
Answer: It's between 2 to 4 hours if appointment made. Otherwise, it would just need one day.

Question: Do I need to backup?
Answer: Yes. We will need to erase/format the iPhone. By the way, we can do the backup for you, but the process might extend another two hours or more. So it's the best you back up into your PC before you come.

Question: Do I need to turn off iCloud or password?
Answer: Yes. After re-format with new memory. Activation will ask for the previous ID if we didn't turn off iCloud before format.

Question: How is it possible? Even Apple doesn't even have this kind of service. They told me it's impossible.
Answer: Yes, it is possible because they don't have a factory to make memory chip or hard disk. They get the hard disk from Toshiba, Sandisk, Hynix, and Samsung...
By the way, those memory chip is called NAND flash.

NAND supplier sure has their own developer tools and software.

We purchased and use their tool that even Apple center inside doesn't have.

That's why we can do what is impossible.

The chip I holding is the NAND flash. It's common to use on iPhone and iPad.
We have multiple NAND writer for different models. Not just only one.
From iPhone 4 to iPhone X.

iPhone X upgrade price click here!

Interested in upgrading? Click HERE to book an appointment by WhatsApp.