06 October 2018

Memory Storage Upgrade Service

This 16 GB iPhone is going to upgrade

Do you still have 16 GB iPhone?
You can consider upgrading your memory without buying a new iPhone...

Today we have done another iPhone 6 Plus... I really can't imagine how 16GB is torturing the user.
Glad this customer upgrades it to 128 GB in our shop.

Check for Upgrade cost and FAQs

Done!! Upgraded to 128GB and  updated to iOS 12

                          iPhone Storage upgraded compilation video


iPhone upgrade memory to 512GB
We can upgrade to 512 GB too!!
There is a saying in China... an iPhone 16 GB is just a beggar version of iPhone.
         乞丐版 iPhone vs. 豪华版 iPhone (Beggar iPhone vs. Luxury iPhone)
Cheap iPhone = Low memory storage iPhone 

Upgrade memory price list of 3rd Quarter 2020

Available for iPhone 6, 6 Plus, SE, 6S, 6S Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, X, XR, XS, XS Max.
  • 32GB RM 180
  • 64GB RM 280
  • 128GB RM380
  • 256GB RM430
  • 512GB RM500
*iPhone 6 and 6 Plus get discount RM 30*


Question: After upgraded the storage, can I still update the iOS?
Answer: Yes, it can. From iPhone 5 to iPhone X, so far none have a problem. Apple doesn't check or care the capacity of your device. But their server will check the Serial Number, IMEI to make sure it's their product.

Question: What if my device got a problem later?
Answer: There will be one month warranty for it. But the warranty doesn't cover problem like the LCD screen, buttons or camera.

Question: If you so confident it won't get any problem, then why don't you provide more extended time warranty?
Answer: Because we never know how the user uses their iPhone. Not confident in how they take care of their iPhone. They can even kill the iPhone with the wrong charger also.  That's why we will check all function and inspect the board first so we can eliminate potential problem too.

Question: Do you have a price listed on the web site?
Answer: Yes, It's on this page. By the way, the price is up and down floating according to the market. Just like the computer HDD, their rate is also not fixed. Sometimes go up or down.

Question: How long does it take?
Answer: It's between 2 to 4 hours if appointment made. Otherwise, it would just need one day.

Question: Do I need to backup?
Answer: Yes. We will need to erase/format the iPhone. By the way, we can do the backup for you, but the process might extend another two hours or more. So it's the best you back up into your PC before you come.

Question: Do I need to turn off iCloud or password?
Answer: Yes. After re-format with new memory. Activation will ask for the previous ID if we didn't turn off iCloud before format.

Question: How is it possible? Even Apple doesn't even have this kind of service. They told me it's impossible.
Answer: Yes, it is possible because they don't have a factory to make memory chip or hard disk. They get the hard disk from Toshiba, Sandisk, Hynix, and Samsung...
By the way, those memory chip is called NAND flash.

NAND supplier sure has their own developer tools and software.

We purchased and use their tool that even Apple center inside doesn't have.

That's why we can do what is impossible.

The chip I holding is the NAND flash. It's common to use on iPhone and iPad.
We have multiple NAND writer for different models. Not just only one.
From iPhone 4 to iPhone X.

iPhone X upgrade price click here!

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