18 December 2018

Japan iPhone camera shutter sound fix

Do you know that Japan and Korea iPhones are unable to silent their camera shutter sound?
In old iOS, It even makes a shutter noise when you take a screenshot with Silent turn ON...
It's very annoying.

It's been two years until now that I fixed a lot of this problem. Now I reveal the secret of how I did it.

There are few used/recond iPhone supplier in Malaysia still sending this kind of iPhones to me for modification.

Actually, it doesn't consider a problem. Apple just wants to prevent iPhone being used to sneak peeking especially in Japan. Maybe it's Japan policy for them selling the iPhone there.

If you lazy to read article then watch our video in YouTube

That time I knew there is no difference in hardware motherboard between Japan iPhone and ours. So I guessed it is the software causing that.

But software iOS firmware that we downloaded are the same file, there is no difference on firmware either.

So last thing I suspected is the "Model Code" also known as Area Code in "Setting - General - About".
This must be the one telling the iOS to act differently in Camera Mode.

As you can see, Model code MG4C2J/A.
J/A means this is Japan iPhone.
KH is Korea.
Both Japan and Korea will still make camera shutter sound when the iPhone in Silent Mode or ringer volume set to zero. And the shutter noise is louder than the usual iPhone.

So all I need to do is reprogram the Model Code into somewhere else.

Step 1 - Take out the Memory chip which we called NAND.

The red box one is the NAND. Every iPhone must have one. We can upgrade it too. 

As far until now 2018, Apple didn't make any memory chip. They usually use Toshiba, Hynix, and Sandisk. So that's why the third party to reprogram those memory is possible.

Step 2 - Unsolder the NAND out and we put into NAND writer tool.

This is one of NAND writer tool by company WL.

Read the original NAND database.
Step 3 - Change the region code
See J/A?  Just change this to the country we want.
You can check this link to know more country code for iPhone.

Step 4 - Solder back the NAND onto the board and it's done.
I reprogrammed it to MY/A (Malaysia).

The fix is permanent. It won't affect you to update iOS or restore the device. 

Two years until now.. from iOS 9 until iOS 12.
None of them return with a problem.

We can do for free if your device want to upgrade the storage in our shop. If not then we charge you a labour cost.