18 December 2018

Japan iPhone camera shutter sound fix

Do you know that Japan and Korea iPhones are unable to silent camera shutter sound?

In old iOS, It even makes a shutter noise when you take a screenshot with Silent turn ON...
It's very annoying.

It's been two years until now that I have fixed a lot of iPhone Camera shutter sound that can't mute when the silent switch is turn on.

As a founder of this solution, here I reveal the secret of how to do it without jailbreaking.

I already fixed more than hundreds of Japan's iPhone of camera shutter sound issue, until now there are still a few used/recond iPhone suppliers in Malaysia sending this kind of iPhones to our workshop to fix.

None of them return with a problem because it's a harmless original factory patch.

Why I can't silent the iPhone camera shutter sound?

Actually, it doesn't consider is a problem. Apple just wants to prevent the iPhone from being used to sneak peeking especially in Japan. Maybe it's Japan's government policy.

What's the difference between Japan's iPhone and foreign iPhone?

We are a motherboard iPhone technician. We knew there is no difference on the motherboard. All the components inside are the same.

So we know it is the software that causing the camera shutter noise.

But the software (iOS firmware) that we downloaded is the same file, so there is no difference in the firmware too.

So the last thing I suspected is the "Model Code" also known as Area Code that in "Setting - General - About".

This is the ONE to tell the iOS to act differently in Camera Mode.

But this code is unable to change for consumers. Only Apple technicians have tools to reprogram it. But of course, the Apple Service Centre won't do for you. So you want to look for a third-party Apple Repair like us.

As you can see, Model code MG4C2J/A.
J/A means this is Japan's iPhone.
KH is Korea.
Both Japan and Korea will make the camera shutter noise when the iPhone is in the "Silent Mode". It still makes a loud shutter after setting the speaker volume to lowest.

And the shutter noise is louder compared to the usual iPhone.  🤣

So what is the best solution to enable silent camera shutter sound like a normal iPhone?

Yes, the best solution is we do a factory setting patch.
By just changing the country code is enough. But to do this is required to have NAND programming tools. (Hard disk programmer)

iPhone X or older, they all can be patch without dissembling any hardware.

But if iPhone XS or newer, it needs to take out the NAND which is involving micro-soldering.

This is NOT a jailbreak solution. Jailbreak has too many side-affect. You can't even update or erase the device if you jailbreak your iPhone.
Jailbreak is NOT recommended.

New method v2: iPhone camera shutter sound fix (2020)

Old method v1: Procedure to fix Japan's iPhone camera shutter sound (2017)

Step 1 - Take out the Memory chip which we called NAND.

The red box one is the NAND. Every iPhone must have one. We can upgrade it too, by replacing a bigger capacity NAND.
So the first step is to unsolder this NAND out. 

"So far until now - 2018, Apple didn't make their own NAND. They use the NAND from Toshiba, Hynix, Sandisk, and Samsung. This is why we have the tools to reprogram it."

Step 2 - After unsoldered the NAND out and we put it into a NAND programming tool. 

This is one of the NAND programming tools by the company name WL.

Open the program and read the original NAND data. There will be a lot of code. Serial Number, WiFi Address, and more.
There is one called region code.
Step 3 - Change the region code
See J/A?  Just change this to the country we want.
You can check this link to know more country code for iPhone.
I reprogrammed it to MY/A (Malaysia). 


Step 4 - Solder the NAND back to the motherboard. The last step is to restore the software again and then we are done.

Japan iPhone Camera shutter sound fixed video (2018)

It's done!


How much to fix Japan/Korea iPhone camera shutter sound?

RM 150 RM80 for iPhone SE, 6, 6 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus, 7, 7 Plus.

RM 300 RM100 for iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus

We can do it for free if you Upgrade the Storage in our shop. If not then we charge the price as above.

Will there be a problem after this?

No. There won't be any problem. It won't affect you to update the iOS or restore the device. It's a factory patch.

We are still doing this service since 2016. From iOS 9 until iOS 13.
None of them return with a problem.
(iOS 13.5.1 still good)

Zero side-effect.

What if my iPhone is brick when you are doing this?

Yes, this is a good question. We can guarantee the process. Anything bad happened in the process, we will repair it back no matter what and without you need to pay more. 

How long to fix it?

It can be done in 2-4 hours between ONE hour if an appointment made before coming to our shop.

Is it revertable? 

Yes, if you want to revert it for some reason.