Saturday, March 2, 2019

Damaged iPhone Data Recovery - iPhone 6 Plus Bent

 Heavy damaged iPhone 6 Plus sent in our shop..
Owner kept it many years until now found a true specialist to recover the data.

When the logic board bent like this, i'm sure the iPhone won't able to turn on.

In condition bent like that, most technician would tell you that the motherboard is spoiled. 
They are right.
The board might be spoiled. But the memory chip not broken, right?

As long i see the three important IC is not broken then i can still save the memory data... or even fully repaired it. 

Let's me explain some details.

In current era, all iPhone IC chipset (integrated circuit) are using BGA (Ball grid array).
They are bound on the board with solder balls.

Not this type anymore. So that your iPhone can be design smaller.
Photo above is macro shot at beside of a BGA IC that bound on the motherboard. Those are solder balls joint.

So in closer look.. those IC failure because of crack.
So now you understand why i said it still can be repaired.
As long i see few "important" IC are not broken yet.

How to check?
I need inspect those parts by microscope and let you know the chance of success repaired.

Your processor also known as CPU. Without it, your data is unable to decrypt.
 Do you know there is a news that FBI is also unable to hack or bypass the passcode of suspect's iPhone.
They even ask Apple to unlock it but they decline and said it's not possible.
It's against their policy and product design.

And this two.

When i see this 3 parts are good condition.
All i need to do is just transplant them into a good motherboard.

So i just moved this 3 parts into a working motherboard, it should able to turn on.

After few hours of surgical works. Done!
All data remain same as before accident happened.
Hmm.. very old iOS. 8.3? indeed very long time ago..

The hardest part always is the CPU. Not many people in Malaysia can do it.

Having the equipment to repair, doesn't mean having the skill. 

Reball CPU is very complicated works.
Choose a technician to carry this job is just like choose a doctor open your brain or heart.

Microscope photo shot that i repaired this iPhone.
If you see those balls in your iPhone CPU, means it's been repaired before.
iPhone that no repair before is unable to see those BGA joints because Apple Black Glue sealed around it.

Some day i might write what procedures to repair the CPU. It is too many steps which normal technician couldn't do or no waste time to train on this.

They don't know what heat that won't harm the CPU.
They don't know how to remove CPU safely and not breaking it's point.
They don't know how to rebuild the SDRAM because it sit on top of CPU.
They don't know how to perfectly reball CPU hundreds of balls with balance same size.
... a lot more they don't know.

even they know.. they need to practice..
Master the heat of their machine.
Master their blade so it won't damage the CPU in removal process.
Master the massive reball skill.

Saturday, February 16, 2019

iPhone 7 / 7 Plus No Service

We repaired so many iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus that having No Service problem.

iPhone 7 Plus No Service
If you try to restore it, you will ended up like this. Unable to activate the iPhone.
When you stuck in this menu,
Click the "!" exclamation mark at bottom right.
You can see there is only Serial Number, and No IMEI. Then it's confirmed you have hardware problem.

This problem we called it "baseband" problem

Baseband iPhone 7
The same iPhone above is repaired.
A normal working iPhone would be like this. MEID, SN, and IMEI.

Why can't activate?
Because Apple need to verify is the device Serial Number and IMEI number match with their server or not. Server won't let you activate if S/N or IMEI missing or not match with their list.

Why No Service?
It is motherboard issue that one of chipset called Baseband is not working.

Why baseband is not working?
Baseband power circuit shorted due water damaged.
Solder joint broken caused by heavy drop but 
problem won't occur immediately, usually happen later.
Red circle is Baseband ic. To repair this, the technician must be very well trained. If not, it will killed the A10 CPU on beside due overheat causing unable to power on.
Solution and price?Sorry, we must need to open up and check before repair or quote you a price. Because it can be many reasons causing baseband failure.
  • Some are just need reball and rebuild the broken tracks/pads.
  • Some are shorted BB PMU (baseband power ic) or components around it. 
  • Some are because some shop attempted to repair other problem but created this problem. We need to repair their mess.
So the price is vary. We need to check first.

Last year i wrote an article about this repair.

Monday, February 11, 2019

iPhone 6 Plus Touch IC problem - Why? How?

Now still countless people to asking change the touch IC.. 
Real professional won't blindly replace anything. We must find out the source of the problem.  
Not just google and end up conclusion to change it.
(Please don't think that Google has every answer. Professional guys are very busy and won't bother sharing all their knowledge in internet. 
You can't really expect to learn become surgical doctor by googling.)

A lot of amateurs have the tools and don't have knowledge or trained. They just simple apply the solution found from internet and don't even know what's it for.
Sometime it's not same source of the problem.

I already uploaded a video in 2016 -

Below is a new one to explain why. 

End users please stop telling people to change the touch ic.
You are misleading the repairer to do that. At the end the same problem reoccur.

Be sure let the repairer put the LCD  into another iPhone to test. You don't want after repaired and the LCD is another problem can't touch, right? Or maybe it's just LCD screen problem.

For beginner repairer:
Don't simple appy people's solution. Read the schematic to know why. If you don't know how to read then join the academy. 

Saturday, February 9, 2019

CNY 2019 Business hour

We are open!

8th, 9th 10th February business hour is 10:30 AM - 6:00 PM

11th Feb and onward continue as usual which is 10:30am - 9 PM

Friday, February 1, 2019

iPhone 7 Audio IC repair

Almost everyday we repaired iPhone 7 audio ic issue.We called it "Audio IC disease"

iPhone 7 repair sound problem
Sometime few different customers come in for repair the same issue at the same time.
Don't worry, we still can fixed it within 2 to 4 hours.

This is very common sound problem for iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus.

  • People can't hear you when calling
  • Very long time to enter iOS after power on the iPhone. (Apple logo long time)
  • Unable to record voice memo (Freeze or audio devices not found)
  • Video recording is not working properly
  • Mic is not working. 
  • Headphone and bluetooth mic is not working too.
iPhone 7 audio ic check test
Three iPhone 7 Audio IC repaired at the same hour.
Let's try record voice memo to see is the Audio IC working properly or not

How to repair this? i wrote an article and video for it at here.

Always send to real professional for repair this issue.

"Having the tools to repair doesn't mean having precise surgical skill and experience."

Send to wrong shop you will end up having more problem in your iPhone. I saw a lot customers ended with problem of "no service". I repaired the mess they created with higher cost.

Some even shorted the CPU and the iPhone unable to power on.
It is very danger by just watching YouTube to try fix it without proper trained.

Send to our shop for repair...

We provide ONE year warranty
But not valid if the board been "repaired" by other.
and also not for water damaged.

Click here BOOK appointment to repair this problem in few hours!

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Note of Chinese New Year 2019

Chinese new year we will be closed on 3 PM of 4th Feb 2019.
Reopen on 11th Feb 2019 and resume usual business hours 10:30 AM - 9 PM.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

High Capacity iPhone Battery Baseus - Review

Today topic is episode 2 of "High Capacity battery" review.
This one some of you might heard the name.

iPhone high capacity battery review
Baseus iPhone 7 battery 

Baseus iphone high capacity battery replacement
I'm going to install it in an iPhone 7.
The size of battery is totally same as original. It makes me wonder again. 

To be fair, i conducted the test with few rules.

  • Restore the iPhone and latest iOS 12.1.2. No any third party app installed. Clean. 
  • Empty the power and charged back. 3 Cycled.
  • Run multiple test in the same temperature room. 
  • Final step, USB adapter voltage check to see how many mAH this battery absorbed from charger at 1% into 100% full.
  • No SIM and NO connect to WIFI.
  • Running offline benchmark app and offline videos to see how it goes down in 3 hours.
  • Of course the iPhone must be in very good condition. No issue and fully original parts. No repair before, except battery changing.

As usual, i'll use PC app to read it.
This company of battery really did their job to program the chip for capacity reading.
Let's see is it true as the system show us. Unlike the "previous battery" review which don't even show more actual capacity than design capacity.

Actual capacity is important. What's the point of high capacity battery doesn't show more mAh than the original capacity?

At the same time i'm typing this, another brand of high capacity battery company contacted me. They are willing to give me some of their product to run the test. 

So there will be one more brand to test.

Result will be post here after two days (Now is 17-1-2019)

1st day, the battery is really better. Noticeable. about 15%.

3rd day, 20th Jan 2019. The battery now should be at the best condition. But it's decreasing as the other so called high capacity battery. Now in every test it just last about 10%% longer. I need to extend to test to one week.
Original doesn't decrease capacity so fast.
Decreasing it's capacity so fast. 84 mAH is gone. 

To be fair, one charged cycle should just minus around 1 mAh. Honestly to tell you, i'm not surprised but disappointed. Thanks the battery sponsor, they are willing to wait for more test result.

Update for 26th Jan:
Battery is good but actual capacity dropped more again. Original battery decrease actual capacity slower than this third party battery after each cycle charged.

Conclusion: It is really extended usage of time. But only 10% around. And the 10% extra would just last for 2 months and it would be the same or might lower than original. 

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

iPhone High Capacity Battery, Last 20% longer - Review

Countless times i told customer there is no such of high capacity battery.

A customer came in to replace an iPhone 6 Battery. He replaced it with a so called higher capacity than original battery that should be last 20% longer from one of Apple Repair Specialist.
But he still think it's battery problem which his iPhone 6 drain too fast. Need charge twice a day. However, it's not the battery issue which we already repaired his motherboard problem.

As you can see, it's written 2100 mAH.
 iPhone 6 Original Battery design capacity is 1810 mAH.
Apple is really provided best battery for their own product. They already maxed out the capacity and space that allow battery to fit in.
Apple product is not cheap, you know?

The only way to find out it's condition is NOT in iOS health or Battery Life app.
We must use PC program to read it!

Use pc to see battery report.  The photo below is using iTool (chinese version).This program also allow us to transfer photo, backup data, set ringtone and songs without using stupid iTunes.
There is English version too. Name is 3uTools. Download link

We found out his battery only have 1781 mAH after 139 charged cycle.
If it's high capacity which is 2100mAh, it would still stay 2100mAh after 139 charged.

This photo is our original battery which tested in same way. It's 150 charged cycle and it still have 1802mAh. 
It's normal that battery is little more or less from 1750mAh, but 5% + or -.

Conclusion: Most of high capacity batteries are scam.. 

Update: Someone is selling this brand of battery contacted me, he said it's unfair to read this because of charge cycled condition. So i put up another photo of another original battery reading which conducted same test and charged cycled.

 YouTube video:

Coming next episode: Baseus Battery Review 
an original Baseus Battery iPhone 7 on his way to my place.. let's do a full test see how it goes.