17 January 2019

High Capacity iPhone Battery Baseus - Review

Today's topic is episode 2 of the "High Capacity battery review". 
Episode 1 link

Baseus iPhone Battery Review

This one some of you might hear the name before.
Baseus - one of the famous brands in accessories of iPhone.

iPhone high capacity battery review
Baseus iPhone 7 battery 

Baseus iphone high capacity battery replacement
Packing is nice. Installation manual and tools provided.
The size of the battery is totally the same as the original. It makes me wonder again. 
As usual, I'll use PC app to read it.
This battery really shows the extra capacity.
Unlike the "previous battery review which no show extra capacity than the original.

To be fair, I conducted the test with few rules.

How we test the iPhone battery?

  1. Restore the iPhone and latest iOS 12.1.2. No any third party app installed. Clean. 
  2. Of course, the iPhone must be in very good condition. No issue and fully original parts. No repair before.
  3. Empty the power and charged back 3 times. 3 charged cycled before we test. 
  4. Same room temperature
  5. No SIM and NO WIFI connected
  6. Running offline benchmark app and offline videos to see how long it depleted the battery.
  7. Final step, when the phone power is drained empty. We monitor the USB adapter voltage check to see how many mAH this battery absorbed from the charger until 100% full.
Final Step - Charge Speed and Max capacity
Check iPhone charging problem
We can know how fast it's charging and how much total mAh it holds when it stops charging.

The actual max capacity is important. What's the point of high capacity battery if it's lower mAh than the original max capacity?

At the same time, I'm typing this, another brand of high capacity battery company contacted me. They are willing to give me some of their products to compare.

So I might write more other brands review in the future.

17th Jan 2019 - 1st day
The battery is really better. Noticeable for about 15%.

20th Jan 2019 - 3rd day
The battery now should be in the best condition. But it's decreasing fast like the other so-called high capacity battery.
Now the whole performance it just lasts about 10%% longer time usage.

I need to extend the test a week more because the original battery doesn't decrease the max capacity so fast.
Decreasing it's capacity so fast. 84 mAH is gone.
From 2232 dropped to 2148 in 3 days. Charged 4 times.

One charged cycle should just minus around 1 mAh. Honestly saying that I'm not surprised or disappointed.
But still thanks to our battery sponsor.

26th Jan 2019 - A week after

The battery is good but the actual capacity dropped more again. This means the original battery decreases the maximum capacity slower than the high capacity battery after each cycle charged.

Test conclusion: 

It really extended the usage of time. But only expect for 10%. But the 10% extra would just last for 3 months and then it would be the same performance as the original.

If you keep changing the high capacity battery every 3 months, the performance is good.

Should we use the third party high capacity battery on the iPhone?

Yes if the price is cheaper than original.
Because it's strong in the first few months but weaker than the original after 6 months
Again saying, Apple is not stupid.