01 January 2019

iPhone High Capacity Battery, Last 20% longer - Review

Countless times i told the customer there is no such of high capacity battery.

A customer came in to replace an iPhone 6 Battery. He replaced it with a so-called higher capacity than the original battery that should be last 20% longer from one of Apple Repair Specialist.
But he still thinks it's battery problem which his iPhone 6 drain too fast. Need charge twice a day. However, it's not the battery issue which we already repaired his motherboard problem.

As you can see, it's written 2100 mAH.
 iPhone 6 Original Battery design capacity is 1810 mAH.
Apple is really provided best battery for its own product. They already maxed out the capacity and space that allow the battery to fit in.
Apple product is not cheap, you know?

The only way to find out its condition is NOT in iOS health or Battery Life app.
We must use PC program to read it!

Use pc to see battery report.  The photo below is using iTool (Chinese version). This program also allows us to transfer photo, backup data, set ringtone and songs without using stupid iTunes.
There is an English version too. Name is 3uTools. Download link

We found out his battery only have 1781 mAH after 139 charged cycle.
If it's high capacity which is 2100mAh, it would still stay 2100mAh after 139 charged.

This photo is our original battery which tested in the same way. It's 150 charged cycle and it still has 1802mAh. 
It's normal that battery is little more or less from 1750mAh, but 5% + or -.

Conclusion: Most of the high capacity batteries are a scam... 

Update: Someone is selling this brand of battery contacted me, he said it's unfair to read this because of charge cycled condition. So i put up another photo of another original battery reading which conducted the same test and charged cycled.

 YouTube video:

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an original Baseus Battery iPhone 7 on his way to my place.. let's do a full test see how it goes.