01 January 2019

iPhone High Capacity Battery, Last 20% longer - Review

Countless times I told the customer there is no such high capacity battery. But until today...
I couldn't resist to test it.

A customer came in and ask for replacing an iPhone 6 Battery. He replaced the battery before in another shop not long ago. It's a so-called higher capacity.
As you can see, it said 2100 mAH.
 iPhone 6 Original battery design capacity is 1810 mAH.

But he thinks it's still the battery problem because it's still draining too fast.
He needs to charge twice a day.

For customers who just replaced the iPhone battery not long ago and but it's still draining fast, we will suspect it might be a motherboard problem.
One of the components in the motherboard is damaged and keeps leaking power.

or the battery is faulty.

iPhone drain fast - Battery problem or motherboard problem?

So as usual, we test the motherboard power consumption by plugging into DC Power Supply.
Found out, it's a motherboard problem. It's drawing a lot of power when it's idling.

Then we scan the motherboard with the thermal camera and found out the Charging IC is the problem.

Check iPhone motherboard drain problem
The video above, you will see a square is blinking. That's the charging ic of the iPhone 6.

It's blinking because it draws a lot of power than all other components. It won't act like that unless it's damaged.
Any iPhone charging ic will be damaged if you used a third-party charger that is overvoltage.

But I'm not going to talk about how we repaired the motherboard of charging ic, because I'm off the topic too far now.
Sorry, so let's continue to the high capacity battery...

So after repaired it, the customer asked is the board still has problem? Because he is not feeling any extra juice from the battery. So we check his battery and let him know why.

The real way to find out the battery condition is NOT in iOS health.
One of proper ways is we read it from a PC program! 

A program for Windows PC to read the iPhone battery capacity

Some free programs are designed for the iPhone to transfer photos, backup data, set ringtone and songs without using stupid iTunes. It comes with a function to read your battery condition with a lot of details. You can even valid some parts are original in your iPhone or not.

One of the functions is the battery reading.

The 1st photo below is using iTool (Chinese version) and the 2nd Photo below is using 3U (English version)
Download link English version (Don't worry. I scanned it. No malware, virus or trojan)


We found out his battery only has 1781 mAH after the 139 charged cycle.
If it's high capacity which is 2100mAh, it would still maintain high capacity after 139 times of charged cycle.

This photo is our original battery which tested in the same way. It's 150 charged cycle and it still has 1802mAh. 
You see, the actual capacity still maintains high in original max capacity performance.

So why I think the high capacity battery is a scam?

Because I believe Apple is really provided the best battery for its own product. They already maxed out the capacity and the space that allow the battery to fit in.
Apple product is not cheap, you know?

My conclusion...

Most of the high capacity batteries are a scam...

We really need to read the max capacity and see how fast it degrade after charged.
The quality is NOT only the maximum capacity, but it's also about durable
Let's try another branded high capacity iPhone battery.

Some guys are selling this brand of battery complained, some of them even saying I fake the review.
So I add more photos and another original battery reading which conducted the same test and charged cycled.
And uploaded a video below.

But why do I do a fake report that facts and data can be done by anyone?
 YouTube video:

Read Episode 2 of High Capacity Battery Review - Baseus Baseus Battery iPhone 7 on the way to my place. let's do another test to see how it goes.