16 February 2019

iPhone 7 / 7 Plus No Service Problem

We repaired so many iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus that having No Service problem.

iPhone 7 Plus No Service
If you try to restore it, you will end up like this. Unable to activate the iPhone.
When you stuck in this menu,
Click the "!" exclamation mark at the bottom right.
You can see there is only Serial Number and No IMEI. Then it's confirmed you have a hardware problem.

This problem we called it "baseband" problem

Baseband iPhone 7
The same iPhone above is repaired.
A healthy working iPhone would be like this. MEID, SN, and IMEI.

Why can't activate?
Because Apple needs to verify is the device Serial Number, and IMEI number match with their server or not. Server won't let you activate if the S/N or IMEI missing or not match with their list.

Why No Service?
It is a motherboard issue that one of chipset called Baseband is not working.

Why baseband is not working?
Baseband power circuit shorted due to water damaged.
Solder joint broken caused by heavy drop but the 
problem won't occur immediately, usually happen later.
The red circle is Baseband ic. To repair this, the technician must be very well trained. If not, they'll accidentally kill the A10 CPU which is next on it. Overheated and causing unable to power on.
 Solution and price?
Sorry, we need to open up and check before repair or quote you a price. Because it can be many reasons causing baseband failure.
  • Some just need reball and rebuild the broken tracks/pads.
  • Some are shorted BB PMU (baseband power ic) or components around it. 
  • Some are because some shop attempted to repair another problem but created this problem. We need to fix their mess.
So the price varies. We need to check first.

Last year I wrote an article about this repair.

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11 February 2019

iPhone 6 Plus Touch IC problem - Why? How?

Now still countless people to asking change the touch IC.. 
A real professional won't blindly replace anything. We must find out the source of the problem.  
Not just google and end up a conclusion to change it.
(Please don't think that Google has every answer. Professional guys are very busy and won't bother sharing all their knowledge on the internet. 
You can't really expect to learn become a surgical doctor by googling.)

A lot of amateurs have the tools and don't have the knowledge or training. They just simply apply the solution found from internet and don't even know what's it for.
Sometimes it's not the same source of the problem.

I already uploaded a video in 2016 - https://youtu.be/5N-NOLPOuSA

Below is a new one to explain why. 

End users please stop telling people to change the touch ic.
You are misleading the repairer to do that. At the end the same problem reoccurs.

Be sure let the repairer put the LCD  into another iPhone to test. You don't want after repaired and the LCD is another problem can't touch, right? Or maybe it's just an LCD screen problem.

For beginner repairer:
Don't simply apply people's solution. Read the schematic to know why.
If you don't know how to read then join my academy. 

09 February 2019

CNY 2019 Business hour

We are open!

8th, 9th 10th February business hour is 10:30 AM - 6:00 PM

11th Feb and onward continue as usual which is 10:30am - 9 PM

01 February 2019

iPhone 7 Audio IC repair

Almost every day we repaired iPhone 7 or 7 Plus audio ic issue. We called it "Audio IC disease"

You can read this on our new web site (2019).

iPhone 7 repair sound problem
Sometimes a few different customers come in to repair the same issue at the same time.
Don't worry, we still can fix it within 2 to 4 hours.

This is a very common sound problem for iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus.


  • People can't hear you when calling
  • Slow boot-up. (Apple logo long time)
  • Unable to record voice memo (Freeze or audio devices not found)
  • Video recording is not working properly
  • Mic is not working. 
  • Headphone and Bluetooth mic are not working too.
    audio ic iphone 7 problem
    Audio IC problem will get this message in Voice Memo.
    "Recording Failed, No Audio Devices Found"
    Or it'll be freeze after you press the red button.

iPhone 7 audio ic check test
After repair,
Open Voice Memo to test again. It's ok when the recording starts.

Three iPhone 7 Audio IC that we repaired in the same hour.

How to repair this? Why this happening to me?
I wrote an article and a video in here.

Always send to a real professional for repair this issue.

"Having the tools to repair doesn't mean having precise surgical skill and experience."

Send to the wrong shop you will end up having more problem in your iPhone. I saw a lot of customers ended with the problem of "no service". I repaired the mess they created at a higher cost.

Some even shorted the CPU and the iPhone unable to power on.
It is very dangerous by just watching YouTube try to fix it without properly trained.

Send to our shop for instant repair in same day.

We provide ONE year warranty
But not valid if the board been "repaired" by others.
and also not for water damaged.

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