11 February 2019

iPhone 6 Plus Touch IC problem - Why? How?

Now still countless people to asking change the touch IC.. 
A real professional won't blindly replace anything. We must find out the source of the problem.  
Not just google and end up a conclusion to change it.
(Please don't think that Google has every answer. Professional guys are very busy and won't bother sharing all their knowledge on the internet. 
You can't really expect to learn become a surgical doctor by googling.)

A lot of amateurs have the tools and don't have the knowledge or training. They just simply apply the solution found from internet and don't even know what's it for.
Sometimes it's not the same source of the problem.

I already uploaded a video in 2016 - https://youtu.be/5N-NOLPOuSA

Below is a new one to explain why. 

End users please stop telling people to change the touch ic.
You are misleading the repairer to do that. At the end the same problem reoccurs.

Be sure let the repairer put the LCD  into another iPhone to test. You don't want after repaired and the LCD is another problem can't touch, right? Or maybe it's just an LCD screen problem.

For beginner repairer:
Don't simply apply people's solution. Read the schematic to know why.
If you don't know how to read then join my academy.