11 February 2019

iPhone 6 Plus Touch IC problem - Why? How?

Now still countless people to ask changing the touch IC...
The most frequent question from the customer that wanted to repair touch ic problem.

Is the price of repair including to replace a "new" Touch IC?

It depends on the condition. If we changed the Touch IC and it's still not working then how? Ask you to pay more?

My answer is it's doesn't matter new or old touch ic. The most important is we solve the problem no matter what it takes.

Someone might be misleading you saying they replace new Touch IC which seems good. 

A real professional won't blindly replace anything. We must find out the source of the problem.  
Not just google and end up a conclusion to change it.
(Please don't expect the Google has every answer. Professional knowledge is hard to get from internet. 
You can't really expect to learn surgical doctor skills by googling.)

A lot of amateurs have the tools and don't have the knowledge or training. They just simply apply the solution that found from the internet and don't even know what's it for.

Sometimes it's not the same source of the problem.

Long-time ago I made a video in 2016 - iP6 Plus Touch IC repair

Now I make a new video at below is to explain why. 


  1. So please stop telling people to change the touch ic. You might mislead the shop to do that.
    What if they can't solve the problem after that and still ask you to pay? 
    Or the same problem reoccurs later?
  2. Be sure to ask the technician to check your LCD first.
    We don't want to have an LCD problem and Touch IC problem together. Or maybe it's just an LCD screen problem.

    They must put the LCD  into another iPhone to test. 
  3. Be sure send to professional to repair the motherboard.

How do I know they are professional?

Professional is able to offer the terms on below
  1. Repair it within 2 hours in the same shop.
  2. Guarantee your iPhone won't be a brick or dead. Anything else happened, they fixed it back no matter what and you won't need to pay extra.
  3. Warranty period is long. (We provide one year warranty)

Advice for beginner technician:

Don't simply apply a solution without a reason. Read the schematic to know why.
If you don't know how to read then join my academy.