01 February 2019

iPhone 7 Audio IC repair

Almost every day we repaired iPhone 7 or 7 Plus audio ic issue. We called it "Audio IC disease"

LINK: iPhone 7 audio ic repair cost  (2020).

iPhone 7 repair sound problem
Sometimes a few different customers come in to repair the same issue at the same time.
Don't worry, we still can fix all within 2 to 4 hours.

This is a very common sound problem for iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus.


  • People can't hear you when calling
  • Slow boot-up. (Apple logo long time)
  • Loudspeaker button grey in calling
  • Unable to record voice memo (Freeze or audio devices not found)
  • Video recording is not working properly
  • Mic is not working. 
  • Headphones or handsfree are not working too.
Audio IC problem = Speaker button is grey when calling

  • audio ic iphone 7 problem
    Audio IC problem might get this message in Voice Memo.
    "Recording Failed, No Audio Devices Found"
    Or it'll be freeze or nothing after you press the red button.

iPhone 7 audio ic check test
Three iPhone 7 Audio IC that we repaired at the same hour.
After repaired,
Just go to the Voice Memo test again. It's good if the recording starts.
How to repair this? Why this happening to me? 
I wrote an article and a video here before.

Always send it to a real professional for repairing this issue.

"Having the tools to repair doesn't mean having precise surgical skills and experience."

Send to the wrong shop you will end up having more problems in your iPhone. I saw a lot of customers ended with the problem of "no service". I repaired the mess they created at a higher cost.

Some even shorted the CPU and the iPhone unable to power on.
It is very dangerous by just watching YouTube try to fix it without properly trained.

Send it to our shop for instant repair and collect it on the same day.

We provide ONE year warranty
But not valid if the board been "repaired" by others.
and also not for water damaged.

LINK: iPhone 7 audio ic repair cost  (2020).

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