02 March 2019

Damaged iPhone Data Recovery - iPhone 6 Plus Bent

 Heavy damaged iPhone 6 Plus sent in our shop...
The owner kept it many years until now found a true specialist to recover the data.

When the logic board bent like this, I'm sure the iPhone won't able to turn on.

In condition bent like that, most technician would tell you that the motherboard is spoiled. 
They are right.
The board might be spoiled. But the memory chip not broken, right?

As long I see the three important IC is not broken then I can still save the memory data... or even fully repaired it. 

Let's me explain some details.

In the current era, all iPhone IC chipset (integrated circuit) are using BGA (Ball grid array).
They are bound on the board with solder balls.

Not this type anymore. So that your iPhone can be designed smaller.

The photo above is a macro shot at beside of a BGA IC that bound on the motherboard. Those are solder balls joint.

So in closer look... those IC failures because of crack.
So now you understand why I said it still can be repaired.
As long as I see a few "important" IC are not broken yet.

How to check?
I need to inspect those parts by microscope and let you know the chance of success repaired.

Your processor is also known as CPU. Without it, your data is unable to decrypt.
 Do you know there is news that the FBI is also unable to hack or bypass the passcode of suspect's iPhone.
They even ask Apple to unlock it but they decline and said it's not possible.
It's against their policy and product design.

And this two.

When I see these 3 parts are good condition.
All I need to do is just transplant them into a good motherboard.

So I just moved this 3 parts into a working motherboard, it should able to turn on.

After a few hours of surgical works. Done!
All data remain the same as before accident happened.
Hmm.. very old iOS. 8.3? indeed a very long time ago...

The hardest part always is the CPU. Not many people in Malaysia can do it.

Having the equipment to repair, doesn't mean having the skill. 

Reball CPU is very complicated works.
Choose a technician to carry this job is just like choosing a doctor to open your brain or heart.

Microscope photo shot that I repaired this iPhone.
If you see those balls in your iPhone CPU, means it's been repaired before.
iPhone that no repair before is unable to see those BGA joints because Apple Black Glue sealed around it.

Someday I might write what procedures to repair the CPU. It is too many steps which normal technician couldn't do or no waste time to train on this.

They don't know what heat that won't harm the CPU.
They don't know how to remove CPU safely and not breaking its point.
They don't know how to rebuild the SDRAM because it sits on top of the CPU.
They don't know how to perfectly reball CPU hundreds of balls with balance same size.
... a lot more they don't know.

even they know.. they need to practice...
Master the heat of their machine.
Master their blade so it won't damage the CPU in the removal process.
Master the massive reball skill.