18 May 2019

iPad Memory Storage Upgrade

This is iPad Mini 4. Owner wants to upgrade to 64GB

Don't tell me you have a 16GB iPad you are still using.
If so, then it's really painful that you need to keep deleting things for space.

Regret bought the low storage iPad?
No worry, we offer iPad memory upgrade service.

We can upgrade the storage for any iPad model.

The same iPad Mini 4 upgraded to 64 GB.
iPad Storage upgrades Price List 2019 2nd Quarter:
  • 32GB - RM 200
  • 64GB - RM 330
  • 128 GB - RM 400
  • 256 GB - RM 500


Q: Can I still update the iOS after upgraded the storage memory?
A: Yes. It doesn't have any side effect.
Q: How long it takes?
A: iPads are not like the iPhone, which can be done on the same day. It would require 1 to 2 days. Because open iPad is not just using screwdrivers, It needs some machine to open it.

Q: What about my data?
A: It needs to be format. Means all data will need to be erased and update into the latest iOS.

Q: Why just warranty one month after the upgrade?
A: Because we never know how the user uses their iPad. Not confident in how they take care of their iPad. They can even kill it with the wrong charger also. That's why we will check all function and inspect the whole device first so that we can eliminate potential problem too. Most parents give the iPad to kids.

But don't worry, let just say unfortunately it has a problem later and 1 month is passed. We will still do the repair for you FOC.
By the way, the warranty is cover on the motherboard only. Not the screen, buttons, or camera.

Q: I have another question...
A: No problem, feel free WhatsApp to me and ask. CLICK HERE