15 June 2019

iPhone 5S error 4013 | Red screen reboot loop

Recently we repaired many iPhone 5S that having this kind of problem.

  • Red screen reboot loop
  • iTunes restored error 4013

    You can force it to enter to recovery mode. But it will end up with an error 4013 in the restore process.

After I read the report of the error, found out all of them are indicated NAND failed. (means memory hard disk failed. NAND is the flash memory in iPhone motherboard)
Well, I think this kind of problem is reasonable. Especially it happened to a heavy user using it ever since 2013, it's been 6 years.

First of all, I need to clarify that Apple iPhone is good in term of lifespan.
Of course, the battery is a consumable part that needs to be replaced after two years.
BUT a lot of peoples don't know that the memory hard disk actually has its own lifetime. "Example: a computer hard disk drive becomes dead itself."

Below photo is Google is the answer to memory lifespan.

See for yourself, Flash storage is 5-10 years depends on the write cycle.

To repair this problem, we just have to replace the NAND memory chip. But it will be a hard job for most amateurs out there because the technician must be well trained to prevent damaging to CPU which is on the other side of NAND.

I repaired a lot of other dealer's mess. It was supposed to change NAND job but ended up to rebuilding the CPU and SDRAM. They accidentally damaged the CPU in the process, then causing their customer to raise budget or argument.

5S NAND memory
A professional like me can remove the NAND safely. No damage to NAND soldering pads and CPU.

5S nand replacement
Original 5S Nand is black, I replaced a white one on it. Why?
As I said before, memory lifespan. Must put a new one, the old Nand is black and discontinued product.

  • Always backup your old iPhone, you never know when it became dead. 
    NAND replacement = Memory data lost
  • Send to the true professional to repair this issue.
We can also upgrade to a bigger capacity if you have a bigger budget.