15 August 2019

iPhone Data Recovery | Apple Center Can't Backup damaged iPhone

This article is about what we can offer for data recovery service from a damaged iPhone.

Because I just received a feedback from a very kind customer.

She had an iPhone 6 that is badly damaged and need to recover the data. She visited the Apple Center they told her the data is unable to recover, but they can replace it with another device instead of repairing it. The price is outrageous. 

I must say this again
"There is no Apple Service Center or Apple Repair Center.
There are only Apple Replacement Center."

As a real iPhone Data Recovery Center, we can offer 3 options:

  1. We borrow the parts just to let it works for backup or transfer. Then we take our parts back once it's done. No repair needed. We charge RM50 or RM80 depends on the model.
  2. We repair it all. 
  3. Repair until it can be turned on for bringing back your home to backup. (Suitable for motherboard problem)

In the end, she picked option 2 to save the environment getting worse by dumping more electronics stuff. Noble thought! 

By the way, I still seeing a lot of shops they called themselves a specialist but they are very hungry and not going to offer option 1

If you looking for data recovery from iPhone motherboard, check link below.

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