12 October 2019

Wireless transfer data to new iPhone

How to transfer data wirelessly to the new iPhone?

I don't see an option to use wireless data transfer from my old iPhone to the new iPhone. It's also known as AirDrop.
option to transfer data wireless iPhone to iPhone
Where the hell is the option of transfer data using airdrop? 

I know this might be a dumb question...
But some people might be just like me didn't see the option of wireless transfer.

The option of AirDrop data transfer to new iPhone

It's on the earlier page of the setting step by step.
Very easy to miss it.

It's exactly after we selected the country.

Step 1: Go to this page

If you don't see this page after selected the country, you need to reset your new iPhone.
Go to Setting - General - Reset - Click Erase All Content and Setting.

Step 2: Place your old iPhone close to new iPhone

Step 3: Follow the instruction and it will begin.

I always skip the blah blah blah from Apple. That's why I didn't see the option of airdrop transfer data to the new iPhone.
Stupid Apple or me stupid?

By the way, enjoy your new iPhone!