31 December 2019

Stuck Apple Logo / Boot Loop after Update iOS 13 | Data Recovery Fix

iOS 13 update killed your iPhone !!! 

This month we repaired a lot of iPhones that stuck in the Apple logo. Most of them happened after updated the iOS.

Some of them already tried to restore (Format/Erase) the iPhone, the problem still the same.

I strongly believe this 13.3 version somehow killed one of the IC on the motherboard. I think Apple would release a newer version to fix this.

But it will be too late for those people that already stuck into this Apple logo problem.
Don't worry, we have a quick-fix method to bypass this problem and then to recover the data.

The iPhone just keeps waiting in the Apple logo and reboot loop.

But before you send it to us to recover the data...

Please make sure there is NO ONE restore it in iTunes. We don't want after repaired the problem and your data is empty.

It's a 99% success rate to fix this problem with your data remain if no one attempt to repair the motherboard before us.

Read this if you send it to another shop that seems unprofessional

Before you send it to them, make sure they not going to charge you if there is no data recovered. Because we are afraid they just want to earn easy money and restore your iPhone to hope it will be a software problem.

Our priority is to recover the data. We won't do anything risk to affect the data.

Repair on the same day is possible - YouTube

One of the boot-loop problems that I fixed.

Happy customer's feedbacks from stuck apple logo fixed.

One of the victims, on 21 December 2019. iOS 13.3 released.

A client from Melaka. She got this problem on the 24 of December. Lucky she didn't give up and found us to recover the data. We fixed it on 30 December 2019.
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24 December 2019

iPhone Network IC problem repair | No Service / Signal Weak

There is so few Qualified technician to repair Network IC problem of iPhone

Yes, especially in Malaysia. They just know how to blindly changing the IC, but don't know which one is the real problem.
A lot of iPhones with the cellular signal problem I fixed. Most of these have been already attempted repair from other technicians.
They didn't know how to diagnosis and fix the real problem, they just keep changing the IC one by one until the problem is gone.

So this is why they need your iPhone for weeks or a month. 

iPhone No service Network IC
This is one of the kind Network IC problem.
It only can detect Maxis, but no others.

This iPhone, the owner sent it to another shop before and collected back after a month but with the same problem. They failed to repair it.
Once in our hand, we opened up to check the motherboard condition. As usual cases we encountered, most of the Network IC and parts already been replaced and messed up.

For a problem like above, it would just take me 1 to 2 hours to repair. But let say if someone repaired it before,  I might need to replace everything related to the network that they touched.
And the time I need to repair it becomes much longer.

What have they done on it (Technical explain)

They removed the WTR transceiver IC and measured the resistance but found nothing unusual. Then they usually started to blindly replace network IC one by one.
Some even will go to reball the Baseband CPU and changed BBPMU.

They touched almost everything related to the network. Yet, they can't fix the problem.

If you are a technician who reading this and expecting to get the solution from here, then sorry. I can't provide what you wanted.

Because Cellular Network is complicated in a smartphone nowadays. When I was teaching my students about the Cellular Network, it took me many hours to complete the cellular theories. So I'm not gonna explain things in a blog like this.

If you learned from another school before and still unable to repair this, I believe:
1. You have an outdated knowledge
2. You don't know iPhone board components very well  
4. You lack the procedures of diagnosis

iPhone Network IC problem fixed 

iPhone Network IC fixed
Done! All carriers detected. 

Why I'm different from them?
Because I didn't just learn from one academy. The knowledge, skills, and tools are combined together from multiple academies.
Have you heard of GLON, FAE, FoneKong, FixST, and REWA?

Is there such a guy who keeps paying money to repeat learning similar things from different schools?
I think no. Not even me.

Then how I do that?
Well, it's easy. I just sent my workers and friends to go to a different famous school and then we shared the things we learned.