28 September 2020

iPhone Motherboard Repair Training

People who know me should know that I don't open the class for the local about iPhone Motherboard Repair.
I usually teach foreigners only. But since our country is in a locked-down state (MCO), none foreigner will be coming to Malaysia.

So I'll be accepting local students in this year. 
Check the link below for more info about training cost and what to teach.

iPhone Logic Board Repair Training Center 

07 August 2020

iTunes Error 14 (Stuck Apple Logo due storage full)

Since May 2020, we are getting a lot of customers having their iPhones stuck into the Apple logo.
If you're the victim of this issue, check out the symptoms below whether this article is related to you or not.

Problem and symptoms:

1. It stuck at Apple Logo and boot-loop. But you were running out of storage before this problem happened.

2. Then you try to use iTunes and attempting to force update (reinstall iOS with data remain) but it gets Error 14.  (Window iTunes)

Force update?

Because normally when the iOS is corrupted, especially stuck Apple logo cases. We can put the iPhone into recovery mode and then reinstall the iOS by clicking update in the PC iTunes. 
Here is the link to the tutorial of this method - https://www.iphone-repair.my/iphone/iphone-stuck-apple-logo-solution-fix/

If you are getting Error 14, I'm sure you're one of the victims of this bug. 

Apple logo error 14 bugs?

Yes, I am very suspicious about an iOS update that Apple released in early the year 2020.

A bug happens on who is almost run out of storage space. When they try to free some space by deleting some stuff, but there is something is keep taking over the free space no matter how many things they deleted.

Eventually the iPhone reboot and unable to boot-up into the system anymore. It's Apple logo looping only.

Apple doesn't admit anything about it at first. But the Apple Centers are full of people complaining about this issue. None of them able to recover the data. They only ask you to erase everything.

Eventually, my guess is correct that the problem is caused by an iOS bug. Because they indirectly admitted it was their fault in one of the update fixes in August of 2020.

I'm wondering how many peoples were f**k up by Apple this time. 


When you go to Apple Center, they are sure to tell you that the only way to do it is to erase everything.
If they have already done that, then it's too late for us to recover.  

But for now, the only method available is very expensive. It's 1000usd for one device. I have to dismantle the motherboard and send it to a private programmer. It needs two months to fully recover the data.

So now there is NO cheap method yet. 

But I believe in the future there will be a way to recover the data at a fair price if you are not urgently using the iPhone now. Keep it aside and wait for another solution.

What cheaper solution? Read below all to know it. 

My advice for error 14 fix (Memory full)

#1 - Wait for another version of iOS

I have been fixing iPhones since the first-gen of the iPhone. I remember that was a time the same problem happened in iOS 11. 

Those customers needed to recover the data, I told them to keep the iPhone and DON'T restore it no matter what. We just wait for the next "big" version and then we try the force update again. 

We have waited a few months. Every time when a new model of iPhone releases, the new iOS also release together. Then we reinstall the iOS (force update) again by using PC iTunes. 

Voila, it was able to boot-up and all the data remained! Customer tears came out.
So my guess was correct again by imagination below.

If there is a big change in the iOS, the update process will need to delete the old iOS.
So the iOS might be in one of the partitions of the HDD.  
Let say if your PC has a 1TB Hard disk, Normally we will partition the HDD into two drives. C: and D:

The window is installed in C drive. If anything bad happened in Window, we can just format the C drive and then reinstall the window. So all the data in D drive is unaffected.

The new iOS will also need to repartition the space and clear out the old iOS including the corrupted system files. The user's data will remain in the whole process. 

That's why my advice is to keep the iPhone aside until the next "big" update comes out. Especially when a new model release together and it comes with new iOS. Then it's time to use the Force Update solution as my tutorial.

#2 - Wait for a public third-party solution 

Don't worry. Every day this problem is happening in the world now. Countless victims. Apple ignores it.
There is evidence that many 3rd party programmers are looking into this. But this will take a lot of time to crack it.

Because the iOS security is high. We cannot simply access the root files directory to delete or clear some space. This is why we need to unlock the admin access by doing the jailbreak method.

If you're an old iPhone user like me, you will know jailbreak is not about unlocking. It's about allowing us to access or edit whatever system files on our phone.

But each generation of CPU has different encryption and weakness. If a 3rd-party releases the solution too soon and not support all models, Apple sure will patch it for security reasons and causing developers to lose the exploit.

China and some western guys are still doing this. I saw a guy in our community, he successful in developed such method but it's only working for very old devices.

I think it's best not to reveal his name and contact here. Because I know countless end-users like you will keep harassing him with tons of questions when and how. Because my own WhatsApp phone number is also getting everyday inquiry about this problem.

So do not disturb the programmers. I'm sure they can't wait too. 

Below is one of his posts on the progress detail and a video.

Below the video is to give you guys a hope

Third-parties are making solution for Error 14 from iPhone Service Malaysia on Vimeo.

#3 - DO NOT BUY third-party recovery software

Yes. DO NOT buy any program that seems promising without any video to prove it. Especially there is no specialist like me is talking about it.

The video should be full and unedited. Similar to the video above. 

There are too many scammers to rank their website on top to sell you the software that didn't work. 

My job is beyond your imagination. Most of my repair skills are cannot be found in Google or books. I know Google helped you a lot, but you cannot be a surgeon by trusting Google. 

Can you notify me when a cheap solution is released?

I can't update you guys one by one. For sure I'll update as soon as the easy solution is released.
I sure will write an article and post a Youtube video on my channel

05 August 2020

iPhone XR LCD touch problem after opened

Recently we are receiving many iPhone XR LCD touch problems. 
We are even getting jobs from Authorized Apple Retail that is fixing this problem.

iPhone XR LCD touch problem? Read this first

If your screen is failed without anyone open it before, then this article is NOT related to you.

Because today's topic is the LCD is failed after someone opened the iPhone. 

This is helpful if you're the end-user and this problem is happening on you, especially the shop is arguing with you saying it's not their fault.

iPhone XR LCD only, okay? Don't think other models also the same problem. 

 Yes, the iPhone XR LCD touch is failed when repairing other things.

I believe most of the technician they don't even notice the actual cause. They must have tried another LCD screen on it and it works perfectly. Then they will tell the customer that their LCD is broken, need to replace.

The customer sure says it was okay before I pass to you, and then they argue.

No need to argue, it's really they broke it. You can show them how to fix it back in the video below.

How we found out and diagnosis

Not long ago, my 1st level team reported to me that they might have accidentally killed a customer's iPhone XR screen. But they can't see what's wrong and there is no sign of damage. 
The screen 's display is okay but unable to touch anything. 

Since we're the level 3 team that repair logic board with the microscope and tools, so we can help to see what's wrong with it.

The actual problem

The first procedure is always to check the flex condition. All seems okay and nothing is torn. 
Then continue to check the connector of the flex by using a multimeter.
I found out one of the pins is not responding. 

Can it be fixed? 

Yes, of course. But it's required micro-soldering. Watch the video below to see how I found the problem and then fix it. 

Can't really blame the technician

I strongly believe it's the Apple LCD manufacture's fault. They made the flex like that and it's very fragile. 
So far all the iPhone models don't have this kind of problem.

But don't worry, just find someone who is able to do micro-soldering to fix it. Don't buy another screen to solve this.

For this simple fix will not cost you much.  A cost of a meal can be done. 


12 May 2020

Operating hours in MCO period

13th May 2020 and onward we are open, but operating hour is changed in this period.

Open from 11:00AM until 6:00PM daily, including Saturday and Sunday.

Our shop rules:
1. Must wear a face mask before consulting us anything.
2. Drop-in repair only. No sitting inside our shop.

25 April 2020

We only accept mail service during MCO

We are still repairing iPhone during MCO, but we only accept mail-in or third party delivery into my house.
Pos Laju is the fastest one to reach my place.

I always tell clients to make sure to pack it very well to prevent throwing damage.

If motherboard repair, I can only quote you the price after I check the motherboard condition.

A case below is an iPhone X motherboard problem from Johor.

Send me the tracker number after you sent it.
I'll quote you a price before doing anything.
After repaired, I will need the password to test everything.
If you have a privacy issue and don't want to give the password, then I won't bother checking other functions.

Online payment must be done in our company account before I return it. The receipt will be provided.

The timestamp of your transfer is the evidence of payment. We have many transactions on the same day, so keep your bank receipt.

I'll send the tracker number after posting.

iPhone 7 Audio IC
iPhone 7 Audio IC done


Accept repair from the oversea country too, but...

iPhone X from Thailand.
Yes, we accept from anywhere but...
You must need to remove the battery and LCD.
Because the Custom Malaysia will tax it if you send the whole device.
And also when I return it, your country custom might be more troublesome.

Read here for more info

26 March 2020

UPDATE: Malaysia Movement Restriction extended

As the government extended the restriction movement again.
We cannot open our shop until 12th May 2020.

But in the meantime, if you have an emergency case need to repair, you can contact me and arrange a courier. We repair it at home.

17 March 2020

NOTICE: Restrictive Movement

We do as government instructed.
Our shop will be closed from 18th March 2020 until 31st March 2020.

In the meantime, we can do emergency repair by pick up and delivery for special cases only.

Wish everyone to stay healthy and safe.

01 February 2020

iPhone X Logic Board Data Recovery | iPhone X motherboard repair

iPhone X motherboard dead suddenly?

Yes, It's common happened on any iPhone. The suddenly dead case without a reason is normally one of the capacitor failures inside the motherboard.
Motherboard or Logic Board? Actually, it's called the logic board. But in Malaysia, we usually called motherboard.

I wrote a similar article about capacitor problem last year. It's an iPhone 7. The link is here.

Can iPhone X motherboard be repaired? 

Of course, it can be repaired if you send it to a real professional. I also wrote an article about repairing the iPhone X logic board before.

What about the data? Can it be recovered from the board?

Yes. Not only we can repair it, and the data still remain the same exactly before it spoiled.

As long the memory chip and CPU is not broken. This is also a reason why we hate if the board been messed before. If it's been attempted to dismantle by an untrained third-party, they usually caused a lot of damage.
Because iPhone X and newer models are designed with the dual-layer stacked logic board. I suggest you watch the video I made below to have an idea of how complicated our job is.

How to repair the iPhone X logic board?

It's a long explanation, you can watch the video I made below.

So how much to repair the iPhone X logic board?

In Jan of 2020, it's between RM200 to RM900.
You wanna know why the range is that big?
Watch a short video clip below to see why.

Need our help? 

Our contact can be found on this page.

If you are far away from Malaysia, we have a list of approved students that graduated from our academy. So far we have USA, Dubai, France, and Germany...
Check this page for Worldwide iPhone Repair Centers.

23 January 2020

NOTICE: 2020 Chinese New Year Holidays

NOTICE of 2020 CNY

First of all, wish you all a happy new year. Our Chinese new year is coming soon.
Gong Xi Fatt Chai!

We will be closed on 24th January 2020, 2:30PM.
25, 26, 27, 28 and 29 will be closed.

Reopen and resume as normal operating hours on 30 January 2020, 10:30AM.

Apologize for any inconvenience.