01 February 2020

iPhone X Logic Board Data Recovery | iPhone X motherboard repair

iPhone X motherboard dead suddenly?

Yes, It's common happened on any iPhone. The suddenly dead case without a reason is normally one of the capacitor failures inside the motherboard.
Motherboard or Logic Board? Actually, it's called the logic board. But in Malaysia, we usually called motherboard.

I wrote a similar article about capacitor problem last year. It's an iPhone 7. The link is here.

Can iPhone X motherboard be repaired? 

Of course, it can be repaired if you send it to a real professional. I also wrote an article about repairing the iPhone X logic board before.

What about the data? Can it be recovered from the board?

Yes. Not only we can repair it, and the data still remain the same exactly before it spoiled.

As long the memory chip and CPU is not broken. This is also a reason why we hate if the board been messed before. If it's been attempted to dismantle by an untrained third-party, they usually caused a lot of damage.
Because iPhone X and newer models are designed with the dual-layer stacked logic board. I suggest you watch the video I made below to have an idea of how complicated our job is.

How to repair the iPhone X logic board?

It's a long explanation, you can watch the video I made below.

So how much to repair the iPhone X logic board?

In Jan of 2020, it's between RM200 to RM900.
You wanna know why the range is that big?
Watch a short video clip below to see why.

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