05 August 2020

iPhone XR LCD touch problem after opened

Recently we are receiving many iPhone XR LCD touch problems. 
We are even getting jobs from Authorized Apple Retail that is fixing this problem.

iPhone XR LCD touch problem? Read this first

If your screen is failed without anyone open it before, then this article is NOT related to you.

Because today's topic is the LCD is failed after someone opened the iPhone. 

This is helpful if you're the end-user and this problem is happening on you, especially the shop is arguing with you saying it's not their fault.

iPhone XR LCD only, okay? Don't think other models also the same problem. 

 Yes, the iPhone XR LCD touch is failed when repairing other things.

I believe most of the technician they don't even notice the actual cause. They must have tried another LCD screen on it and it works perfectly. Then they will tell the customer that their LCD is broken, need to replace.

The customer sure says it was okay before I pass to you, and then they argue.

No need to argue, it's really they broke it. You can show them how to fix it back in the video below.

How we found out and diagnosis

Not long ago, my 1st level team reported to me that they might have accidentally killed a customer's iPhone XR screen. But they can't see what's wrong and there is no sign of damage. 
The screen 's display is okay but unable to touch anything. 

Since we're the level 3 team that repair logic board with the microscope and tools, so we can help to see what's wrong with it.

The actual problem

The first procedure is always to check the flex condition. All seems okay and nothing is torn. 
Then continue to check the connector of the flex by using a multimeter.
I found out one of the pins is not responding. 

Can it be fixed? 

Yes, of course. But it's required micro-soldering. Watch the video below to see how I found the problem and then fix it. 

Can't really blame the technician

I strongly believe it's the Apple LCD manufacture's fault. They made the flex like that and it's very fragile. 
So far all the iPhone models don't have this kind of problem.

But don't worry, just find someone who is able to do micro-soldering to fix it. Don't buy another screen to solve this.

For this simple fix will not cost you much.  A cost of a meal can be done.