Battery Replacement

iPhone Battery Replacement

Every battery has a lifetime.

iPhone battery MUST be replaced after two years or before getting a serious problem.

Change your iPhone battery if

  • Screen is popping out or bulge (It's because battery bloated and keep pushing the screen outward)
  • Doesn't last half day or drain too fast
  • Shut down itself when power is not the lowest. 
  • Randomly restart (This we will check for you, we can do a battery report before changing)
  • Battery capacity (mAh) became low / Charge cycled too many times.
  • New iOS battery health telling you to change. (But it's not accurate, Full Battery Condition must read by a computer)

NOTE: We will do a full report of your battery condition first. So that we can know is it battery problem. After that then you decide you replace it or not.  Battery condition report is FREE.
[Check iPhone Battery replacement cost and FAQs]  
iPhone 7 Plus screen bulge battery
iPhone 7 Plus battery bloated pushing the screen outward.
Replaced it before the screen gets damaged.

You can check battery health in 11.3 iOS and later version. But it's not so detail and not accurate enough.  80% of health is considered very weak.

We use pc software to read your battery condition.  PC English app name is 
"3u"(go to download for free). It can read how many times you charged so far and current battery capacity by mAH. 

[Link to How to check iPhone battery]

Or you can download an App to read some basic condition of your battery.
in Apple Store named "Battery Life"
Open the app and click Battery Details. There you can see the wear level. Let say iPhone 7 is 2100mAh, a healthy battery should between 1800-2100. If less than that, it's weak. Because each cycle you charged the battery, it minus 1 mAh. 

For more info - Visit topic of How-to-read-battery-health-and-original.html

Look for a higher capacity battery life? Read this... 

  • We use the original battery only.
  • We ALWAYS check before changing the battery. (some cases are not battery issue)
  • Process replacement is 15 to 20 minutes. On-the-spot.
  • Data Unaffected. So no need backup because we don't need you factory reset/erase entire iPhone. Memory data remain and safe.
  • Damaged or third party repaired iPhone are welcome to check and valid for battery replacement. 

iPhone Battery Replacement Price of 2021

iPhone 4 / 4S               -      RM 100   

iPhone 5 / 5S / 5C       -      RM 100

iPhone 6 / 6 Plus        -      RM 130

iPhone 6S / 6S Plus   -      RM 150

iPhone SE                  -       RM 150   

iPhone 7 / 7Plus         -      RM 180

iPhone 8 / 8 Plus        -      RM 199

iPhone X                     -      RM 199

Stock ready for fast replace the battery? (Whatsapp to confirm)

iPhone original batteries
Hundreds of old batteries that we replaced in December 2018. 

iPhone battery bloated screen outward
A bloated battery can damage your screen if too late to replace.
iPhone 7 Plus battery bloated
iPhone 7 Plus - Left is the old bloated battery, right is a new battery.

iPhone 5 and 5S bloated battery are very common

iPad 2 Screen is popping out. Big gap...

iPad 2 Battery Bloated, Pushing screen outward
iPad One Battery Bloated, lucky that LCD screen survived
(Photo was taken 2014)
iPhone 5 screen pushed out by bloated battery... 

iPhone 3GS Logic Board damaged by battery
(Photo was taken on 2012)

Already doing iPhone repairing since iPhone 3G. 2011.