Claim Warranty Service

What if my iPhone accidentally drop into water, screen cracked or even it totally can’t switch on, will these problems void my iPhone warranty?

Yes, they will strictly void your warranty if your iPhone hasn’t been cleaned or serviced by us

No worries, currently we are providing cleaning and restoring services for your iPhone before you send to service centre. We will make your iPhone to be undetectable and has no clues by cleaning and servicing.

Therefore, they won’t be able to realize your iPhone has dropped into water or even your iPhone has been serviced. They will replace a new iPhone for you as long as you owned an iPhone from Maxis, Digi or Celcom and your iPhone still under warranty.
Do you still have the warranty card?


Restore and repair price depend on your iPhone’s condition. We will suggest you the best solution, not the highest gain profit from you, because we do like reputation and happy customer. :)

Update on 2018:  We can't do warranty claim service anymore since iPhone 7, 7 Plus. Because Apple made it harder from each generation. Inside warranty center, technician use microscope to check every details inside the iPhone, in the end they able to found little tiny water damaged proof then reject. It's impossible clean it become a state that microscope unable to detect. May be later i found a way? haha